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I Am Very Family Oriented and Adore My Family

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But. They are a LOT of hard work. Group trip, people talk for 15min in Spanish. The result is communicated to me: We will leave a 07:30, we will each sort our own lunch, we will go to Zion National Park. Perfect plan.
2 of them are up until 2am with a FAFSA application, for federal funding for my cousin's school. I am told the deadline is today, then after busting a gut trying all sorts to make it work (even considered learning to code a website check every 5s and email anytime it's working)... I find out the applications OPEN today. And they cannot read tables or facts at all - in California the deadline is March 2nd 2019, and funding does not run out - it's not first come first served. That happens only in a few states.

My aunt has systematically tried to destroy my vacation with them, and so far I have not let her. This is my (our) time. This one has hit me quite hard though, as a complete waste of my time: the FAFSA website is simply down for maintenance (stupidity of course but still) and now I'm exhausted and missed out on a beautiful evening with family for absolutely no reason.

Oh and .. ya. Today happened. 7.30 became 9am (wheelchairs cause this apparently, although I would say oversleeping is more the culprit). And not one other person took lunch with them #Awkward

So, I am grumpy, I need a vent, and .. Well, RAWR. I feel like hurling this damned laptop across the room and demanding the $250 I sent her for preparation for the trip. I've spent that much on food alone because everything is so manic, I have allergies and stuff and the shops are all new so I don't know what I can eat etc. so it costs me a flippin fortune! At the very least I need that money back. FFS.

31-35, M
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Oct 2, 2018
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I Am Very Family Oriented and Adore My Family
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But. They are a LOT of hard work. Group trip, peop... | I Am Very Family Oriented and Adore My Family | Similar Worlds