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I Miss My Husband

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He and I are both military and so we get sent random places. I am in Germany and he is in Greenland for a year or so. I talk to him on FB everyday and we Skype on weekends but I really really miss him. I miss his hugs and the way his skin smells. I miss waking up next to him and just seeing how peaceful he looks. I miss him trying to help me wash my hair even though he just ends up tangling it worse than it was when I got into the shower. I miss how his eyes move when he's reading a book and how he randomly swallows when he gets to the good part. I miss arguing with him about why I feel like Superman is better than Batman, and him telling me I don't know what I'm talking about then us agreeing that Martian Manhunter is the better of the 3. I miss being angry and storming around the house ranting and cussing and him just watching me while trying not to laugh. I miss watching his movements as he cooks on the grill or slowly take his time while washing dishes, he puts so much thought into everything that he does. He really is the most beautiful man I've ever known and my best friend. I miss him a lot.
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Oct 12, 2015
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I Miss My Husband
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He and I are both military and so we get sent rand... | I Miss My Husband | Similar Worlds