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Tbh I'm transitioning to pescatarianism

Got round to watching chicken and dairy factory farms which pretty much supply all supermarkets and it's fucking sad and sick. No meal is worth that shit.

It's gonna be hard as it's breaking a 28 year habit but I'm just starting with not buying it anymore, same for milk wtf.
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MrBrownstone41-45, M
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[c=359E00]first step into veganism 馃槄[/c]
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@877165,Xipooh] [c=359E00]oh yes there's still plenty of fishes on the sea 馃榿 and good morning, it's been a while right..[/c]
Diamonddog26-30, M
[@659125,ScarletMoonEmpire] Haha yeah how've you been?. I haven't been on here as much these days.
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@877165,Xipooh] [c=359E00]i'm doing fine despite of this covid craze lol yea i noticed that this is your first post since i get back[/c]
BlueVeins18-21, M
I'm glad you're cutting down, my dawg. 馃挆 It's pretty grisly in those farms. If you give me your email address, I can give you my list of vegan recipes. I know you're not going vegan, but they might help anyway.
Diamonddog26-30, M
[@4199,BlueVeins] Cheers bro!. I've kinda been slipping this way anyway, I don't eat pork or barely eat red meat, no milk, and less chicken.

Yeah for sure man!
checkoutanytime41-45, M
We need our leaders to give us back productive county farms. This is absolutely clear in smaller towns around this country.
Diamonddog26-30, M
[@1201531,checkoutanytime] I agree. However, it's sad as it's already too late for chickens as they've been bred in a way that gives them lung and heart issues so they're born and in a couple of weeks they're convulsing on the floor basically waiting to die.

Then on top of that, the insatiable demand for profit and corner cutting will always create shit like this.
checkoutanytime41-45, M
[@877165,Xipooh] it's what is written 'as' law, that will be..

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