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You don’t value me the same way you value your pet
71 replies
May 23, 2020
Serenade · F
No pets so you're one up.
[@1073060,Serenade] yaayyss
SwampFlower · 26-30, F
You are my pet. 🤨
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
[@871066,SwampFlower] it didnt work on him but it sure worked on me 😳
SwampFlower · 26-30, F
[@926030,Temporallube] you'll adjust.
[@871066,SwampFlower] I’ll try, but it kinda hurts
I’m not getting where you’re going with this. 🤨
[@605647,Nothingness] you’re a cruel woman
[@926030,Temporallube] Facts.

[@605647,Nothingness] 😂
juiceyangel333 · 26-30, F
Maybe if you barked
[@6492,juiceyangel333] wtf. 😂
juiceyangel333 · 26-30, F
[@926030,Temporallube] 😁😁
Autonomous · 41-45, F
You're not wrong.
[@786692,Autonomous] 🤨 sarcastic much?
Autonomous · 41-45, F
[@926030,Temporallube] You sound surprised.
[@786692,Autonomous] 🤦🏽‍♂️
HannahBee · F
That's true - I don't actually know you. 🐶
[@1118173,hannahbee] well get to know me 🙄
Crypto137 · 46-50, M
Also I don’t value your car the same as I value mine. Your point?
[@527654,Crypto137] 😠
Crypto137 · 46-50, M
[@926030,Temporallube] 🤷‍♂️
Chevy454 · 41-45, M
Of course not
[@1004204,Chevy454] dude that’s effed up
Chevy454 · 41-45, M
[@926030,Temporallube] sorry. They are my ride or dies.
I don't know you, I know my pets and know they value me.
[@414209,SapphicHeart] show off 😒
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
[@597698,wildbill83] lol

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You don’t value me the same way you value your pet... | Fashion | Similar Worlds