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I Am Shallow

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But I did like people based on their personality in the past. I’d fallen in love with someone who’s looks is not everything I care about I still think about him sometimes about what could have been between us.

Then there’s friends I care about those people even if their identity is kept secret and only a name is shared now that person is a true friend, like an older brother. I’m so happy I’d found him on SW and we’d talked today. Also old friends I’d talked to on EP. Although we’d never met face to face or heard one another’s voice, I respect your privacy and I’m thankful for our friendship and those who share photos too included thank you all of my friends.

I just wish this would apply too when it comes to romantic interest because I am shallow and I’m working on it. This slow progress will workout in the end I’m sure of it.
26-30, F
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Mar 6, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
alan20 · M
I'd say it will. Don't take it too seriously!
SwanNual · 26-30, F
wakanda4eva · 18-21, F
Honestly your not shallow, maybe a little superficial, but I feel like looks are very important in building a romantic interest in a person

like really the truth is I can meet the funniest and sweetest guy but if he ain't got the looks I'm looking for...then well basically that's what they call the "friend zone"

It's a lot easier too to be physically attracted to someone as well, don't be too hard on urself about it, find yourself a guy that ur physically and emotionally attracted to.
SwanNual · 26-30, F
Your friend must have really liked you then because he could not handle rejection so well.

Who knows he may be change his looks and become more attractive one day and who knows? Haha

Going back to the time where I don’t care about looks. You know like when I’m just thinking about being with someone for who they are, that part of me is gone but it can be restored. I think it could be.
wakanda4eva · 18-21, F
honestly legit that's what i keep thinking hahahahaha! it's like well maybe now he's ehh but in the future..I'm gonna be missing out lol

but I don't think you need to go back to that part of you, I really feel like if your vibing with a person, and your physically attracted to them, then it's a lot better than trying to convince yourself that you can "settle" for them, cos, in the end, I don't think you can truly be happy like that.

but don't take what I say too seriously lol, I only like voice chatted with him twice and never even video chat so it's also very much like urs internety shting,

I definitely can tell your a beautiful person inside and out, continue to be awesome <3
SwanNual · 26-30, F
Thank you *hugs*
iMystery · M
Define... shallow... 🤔
SwanNual · 26-30, F
Well I’d given all my heart and attention to this cute guy I met on SW. I love the way he looks and it’s gotten out of hand to the point I think I love everything about him.

It’s scary and idk it’s not logical. I think I love him already, it’s totally out of my control.[@475466,iMystery]
iMystery · M
[@693748,SwanNual] I have been there... I dont think that is entirely shallow though.

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I Am Shallow
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