I Dislike My Neighbours
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how do you cope living in an area that you don't like

i live on my own in a flat on a little council estate, i have mental disabilities are on benefits and can't move away easily, i'm under the mental health services...i'm in my 40s.

and the problem is i don't like the area i live in, even though ive lived here 16 years now....my biggest complaint is that its too noisy, loud louts shouting, thugs driving recklessly on motorbikes.....neighbours who use drugs, round about me...the area is built up, with lots of traffic and people....i mind my own business but i get the feeling i'm not liked by many people around here..

on the plus points, i'm left alone, no one bothers me, my flat is okay, i'm on the 3rd floor, its a 4th story block of flats.

but the bad points is that my mum lives far away, she is my only support and my next of kin...without my elderly mum i would be completely alone..

i do hate this area in a way, i don't really like many of the neighbours either...but i feel stuck here, what do i do?

i can't live with my elderly mum as she lives in a retirement bungalow for the elderly.
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Leggs · 46-50, F Best Comment
"Council" in the UK is basically government funded housing, yes? In the USA we call it "section 8" or "the projects".

The neighbors you describe, are they what the UK folks call "chavs"? Especially the drunken thugs on motor bikes?
We have plenty of similar types here in America.

I would say the neighbors probably have no opinion of you or don't even really know you exist. The reason is because riff raff types love to start trouble with anyone they do not like. If they leave you alone, that is a good sign.

As for getting out, I would say unless you can afford to move to a nicer area, you might be just as well off there. You could move to a different council place but it would likely be the same mess with different bad neighbors. Plus what if in the new neighborhood, the chavs didn't just leave you be?
ravenhill · 41-45, MVIP
[@1073121,Leggs] thanks for your feedback appreciated.

LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
No matter [b][i]what[/i][/b] area I live in, it'll always beat homelessness.

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I Dislike My Neighbours
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