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Did you ever felt love for someone whom you never met personally?

I really like her so much. She doesn't loves me. We might never meet or talk on phone again. But I feel like I am only hers. Either I am stupid or it is called love.
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MissFugger · F
Online. Yes. Never worked out
TheFragile · 41-45, F
I've fallen in love with someone before I had met them in person if that's what you mean.
[@326696,TheCaterpillar] I know her personally and have video called with her 4years ago.
Tryingtofindabalance · 36-40, M
Never. Don’t think I could either.
Many times I've felt this.
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No fond of but not in love.
Once in a great while, I meet what I call a[i] 'kindred spirit '[/i] on line. There is like a synchronicity and I know I have had a very serendipitous exchange of feelings, creations, and/or ideas with someone who will be very special to me for some unknown amount of time. It could be indefinite or even infinite. It is very intense, and very sweet, but completely innocuous and harmless to any romantic relationships either one of us might have in the offline world. In other words, I'm not rubbing another man's rhubarb. There's a tender and sacred intimacy, but it is more ethereal and perhaps cerebral, and it transcends the physical and temporal. That's the nutshell version. I allow a lot of supernatural stuff in my reality, and I have no doubt in my mind that the line between physics and metaphysics is fading further by the day. Things like 'synchronicity' , 'energy fields', 'ley lines', 'convergence zones' and 'vortex's are very real. Thought waves, or brain waves travel through space similar to radio or radar waves. It is focused energy with a specific destination and intention, I could go on and on about this, but suffice to say, that special connection we are occasionally fortunate enough to pick up on is powerful and special, but it is first and foremost [b][c=#003BB2]transcendental. [/c][/b] It is the reason visualization and prayer works, and the reason we have we have terms like "The Law of Attraction" or "visualization" blah blah blah etc etc........
Yes. It is love when you find kismet and synchronicity with someone you will never physically touch. I believe it is love on a higher plane, and it's even possible that you and that person have had that synchronicity for an unfathomably long long time.
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
[@3557,PuckyTheFriendlyTroll] Quantum physics may be of interest to you these days! Especially quantum spirituality, you might want to check out Nassim Haramein:
[@2166,Winterwanderer] I always knew the M stood for Magic! I'm being mildly facetious, but I truly believe that to some degree or another all outcomes are altered simply by virtue of observation. With more focus, grounding, centering, visualization, and sincere belief, we have yet to see what can happen. Thank you, I was half way expecting a scolding for promoting so called pseudo science!\
PS Thank you for the link!
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
[@3557,PuckyTheFriendlyTroll] hahah, nah. I'd rather talk about something than denounce it outright (x even when I disagree or don't understand it
HatterM · 46-50, M
Love isn't rational. It happens.
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
[@3557,PuckyTheFriendlyTroll] I'm trying to unpoop love 😁 & humanity

I think we're beautiful, confounding things. As long as we think we understand what we don't, we can't. 😅

Also, I for one believe good love can be profound & immensely thoughtful (x
[@2166,Winterwanderer] Everyone in the head department is batshit crazy, from the MHP to the chief brain surgeon and all wackjobs in-between. When my nano robots are ready they will change the most hideous monsters into assertive and healthy saints that still have their free will intact. Fully functional contributing members of society with a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and the complete absence of anhedonia or psychiatric or psychological anomalies of any notable significance.
So there! *Blows very wet and noisy raspberry*
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
[@3557,PuckyTheFriendlyTroll] (x but what is a person if not an anamoly (x
I had very strong feelings for some people, or at least for my idea of them based on what I could pick from a distance, but I wouldn't call it love.

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