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I Love Lazy Mornings In Bed

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The bed gets super comfortable in the morning
17 replies
Nov 20, 2016
oh yes !!!
and then you have to get up :(
peterjohnson · 51-55, M
I wish...
Diggler · 46-50, M
funny how that is. The closer it gets to the time I have to get up, the better the bed feels.:)
LilFoot · F
Lol so true
Overlord · 56-60, M
Unless you have something or someone to do in there I find it's best to get up and get on
@Overlord: A post on an open forum is there for all to reply to. And now you are being overly defensive. Objectifying anyone is wrong. But objectifiyingHumm. I think you have great issues.
I am surprised you just don't stop digging the hole deeper.
Overlord · 56-60, M
@OWTFWN: and I think your a twat but then again we are all entitled to our own opinions
@Overlord: yep to bad your's is so wrong. It surprises me that you are ot bright enough to just stop digging the hole deeper as your in over your head already.
Chinese saying goes something like this
Better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt so keep your mouth closed there is very little doubt you left.
mrjellybean · 51-55, M
Agree, especially in winter!
And yet is so cold at night when we 1st climb into it.
mrjellybean · 51-55, M
Very true, I agree with all above comments.

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I Love Lazy Mornings In Bed
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