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I'm A Stinker

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yup. i sure am. I absolutely reek and people hate me for it but i don't care. I love that smell. That thick warm musky smell fills my whole body with excessive joy. Please, if you stink then share about it.

(no hate comments)
22-25, M
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Oct 6, 2016
psirider · 41-45, M
How often do you take a shower? Do you have friends who join or support your preference? It needs two days without a shower and I want to escape from myself. After four days the smell changes for any reasons and I start to like it. I made this experience during an outdoor vacation some years ago.
lifty4ever · 22-25, M
@Tybron: i know what you mean bruh. Hopefully you get the opportunity you need so you an get to enjoy some of that stink fairly soon
psirider · 41-45, M
same pyjamas for three weeks gave it a special flavour
lifty4ever · 22-25, M
@psirider: man i can't imagine how powerfully they stunk but it musta been good
Schmuddeline · 22-25, F
This is nice. Stay so stinky as possible and enjoy it. It's really pleasant and liberating. I wash myself almost never and stink just wonderful - also thanks my jobs. All people in my range can me smell. ☺
Tybron · 36-40, M
You have me so very curious about your personal scents. I'd love to at least smell you once IRL. Even if I found them off-putting as you say many do, I'd be attracted for you for embracing who you are.
lifty4ever · 22-25, M
Its so wonderful to see other people who understand what being a stinker feels like. It's the best feeling in the world to be able to smell your own B.O. and other peoples. I vow to just never bathe when i live on my own. I don't care if people hate me for smelling like a human. I love it and i'm gonna enjoy it.
Smellyjeans · 51-55, M
So am I , I have Bo, poop my jeans, smell like cow barn 24/7. I don't care if people are affended by it either.
psirider · 41-45, M
Since last weekend my family is on holidays, got my home for myself. And I saved much water by not using the shower. My B.O. becomes more and more present and changes to a special sweet flavour..what a nice experiment.
lifty4ever · 22-25, M
Nice dude. I wish i could be given the chance to see how powerful my stink could get
SkunkedForLIfe · 36-40, M
I love stink too! But I mostly love SKUNK! Ah it smells good I'm REEKING of skunk! Covered from head to toe (but skunk spray on toes gives bad flea bites). Ahh the reek of skunk. I love it but I get rid of BO because it competes with skunk so I take showers but it only gets rid of BO and the skunk spray stays. I LOVE SKUNK SPRAY
Tanner07 · M
Just got skunked... (it reeks) :D
SkunkedForLIfe · 36-40, M

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I'm A Stinker
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yup. i sure am. I absolutely reek and people hate ... | I'm A Stinker | Similar Worlds