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I Don't Look My Age

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I'm 17 at this year of 2015, but I get mistaken as a 15 year old and sometimes younger. So my brother who is just six months and one day older than me never gets ID at the movies or anything but I get ID for everything and when I try to buy M rated games they always say I need a parental consent to buy the game. I'm like what? I'm 17
But here is a picture from a few days ago
18-21, M
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Apr 13, 2015
Hey nothing wrong with looking on the younger side. That'll come in handy when you're 40 but look 35 XD
Ah,,,,how is it your brother and you are only 6 months apart ????
Davidhamilton · 18-21, M
We're not biological brothers

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I Don't Look My Age
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Updated: 2 mths ago
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I'm 17 at this year of 2015, but I get mistak... | I Don't Look My Age | Similar Worlds