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I Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized

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I don't smoke marijuana but I support its legalization. It's been legal in my state for a while now and I've yet to see any bad come out of it. I'm happy to see other states have decided to join us in the last election. That's another big step into nationwide legalization of marijuana.
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Jan 6, 2017
SW User
It already is bro
Tulips · F
Not yet in my country. Not everywhere.
HaHLoBravado · 31-35, M
I concur! Can't smoke right now but I don't see the harm if it's done in moderation.. and safely.
Sicarium · 41-45, M
I'd legalize every drug, and end every dime of federal rehab spending.
Obito · 26-30, M
I think all drugs should be legalized. Maybe with the exception of heroin and meth, which should be decriminalized. Keeping drugs illegal simply funds gangs and cartels. Keeping drugs illegal is effectively investing in human trafficking and wholesale murder, by funding said organizations. Take their profits away; cripple them. Use money made frkm taxing and regulating drugs; use it to invest in rehabilitation and true advertising, among other positive pursuits. Instead of bleeding money fighting a half century losing battle.

Not to mention a wholly superior product would be sold, leading to substantially decreased overdoses. Street drugs are hideously impure. It's common to find drugs of 5% purity, filled with dangerous chemicals for cuts. Common to get 25%. Pharmaceutical grade drugs would help prevent deaths.

And, much oike prohibition and most likely now weed, more people use drugs when they're illegal. Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. Gives it the "cool" factor.
HaHLoBravado · 31-35, M
That is extremely well put and definitely makes a great argument but "mother's of America" at least, aren't ready to see little Timmy on legalized crack or coke even. I know crack isn't a natural drug but u didn't rule it out.
Sex trafficking will find another way, that won't stop.
Danez · M
Yup it's legal here too and it isn't any problem or big problem like the opposition said it would. Instead it's making way more money in tax revenue than they originally thought it would
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
yes... it's a plant and it should be utilized.

not only for medicine but it's like soy.. can be made into anything.

clothing, ink, food, plastics... need i continue?
And it kills cancer cells, based on reliable tests and sources, recently accepted by the Fed. Gov. Many years ago the Surgeon General stated that tobacco products cause cancer. Tobacco is still legal, marijuana is not in many states. WTH?

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I Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized
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