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I Took The Myers Briggs Test

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Well, i took this test, i thought some of the questions were confused - not allowing a mix of responses - but it seemed pointless to put neutral answers so i just went for what seemed closest to what i really feel. And, as i am still in my last year at school, workplace questions were irrelevant, so i just applied the question to school.

i was a bit surprised by the result...

[big][b]“THE COMMANDER” (ENTJ-A)[/b][/big]




83% THINKING 17%

69% JUDGING 31%


... but i cannot disagree with any of these descriptions.

But i think i have more feelings - i hope i do! I know i can feel deep love, although i admit, in some cases, it fades with time. And sometimes, like with my current girlfriend, it has not developed at all - and i do not think for her either.

So OK, i am ambitious, driven, and hungry to keep up my success, to prove that my life is more than privilege. i drew up my life plan on my 14 years birthday, nearly four years ago - it is slightly ahead of schedule. Does that make me a total idiot? Sometimes i think so, but i will continue this way, and it will take something pretty big to knock me of course.

Unfortunately, i think i know what that "pretty big" thing will be.
18-21, F
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Aprism · F
Ok, thanks for sharing I'll also give it a go. 🙂
Yulianna · 18-21, F
yes, why not! ☺
LikeMind · M
Okay ' So which one are you?
Myers or Briggs?
Yulianna · 18-21, F
LikeMind · M
@Yulianna: Isn't that the point of the quiz, to find out if you are Myers or Briggs?

Say eh' again and everyone else will think that you are stupid!
Yulianna · 18-21, F
@LikeMind: eh?
SW User
Just be careful not to let long term plans, specially when they do not go as planned, consume you, little by little. They are, after all, a mere illusion of what you might achieve.

Short term goals are realistic, achievable and what anyone should really focus on.

Dream big but do small steps at a time.
Yulianna · 18-21, F
yes, my plan is year-by-year, with overall position by end of year and other important achievements, not part of education and career plan, completed within each year.
SW User
That's one step ahead of most people I've met. Keep at it !
Yulianna · 18-21, F
@Volfield: thank you, i shall
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Ahead of schedule is no surprise to me. And yes, I see not surprised among your results. I am looking forward to the change you will bring to this world and your country!

What are you thinking is the "big thing" that will throw you off course?
Yulianna · 18-21, F
@sarabee1995: and please remember all the other things i have told you about that...
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
@Yulianna: I do. I remember it all and I completely respect your sense of obligation and your commitment. I just hope that you remember to live your life in the process.
Yulianna · 18-21, F
@sarabee1995: thank you... i will have to make it fit with other things... but that is duty,
SirfurryanimalWales · 61-69, M
Enlighten me. What is the Myers Briggs test?
Yulianna · 18-21, F
@Furryanimal: it is clear that i meant this as a compliment, referring to the already exalted status of the welsh! only you could react with such negativity.
SirfurryanimalWales · 61-69, M
@Yulianna:i know you know I knew that!!
Yulianna · 18-21, F
@Furryanimal: 🙂
Hi to you, what have you been up to?

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I Took The Myers Briggs Test
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