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What do you think of people putting their phones facedown?

Some people think of it as a sign of something to hide. I’ve always saw it as a sign of respect like I’m not concerned about my phone while I’m with someone in person
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Nanori · 26-30, F
Yeah same, to be respectful
Lackwittyname · 46-50, M
same, sign of I am not checking my phone
I'm not concerned about it because I don't use it for the internet and I only text like a couple of people. I don't remember if I put it up or down.
But if I used it a lot I might put it down because you never know who is going to text something personal. But I don't leave it out when I'm not home. *I would leave it my purse. [@14748,Zebrawl]
NotJamieM · 46-50, M
If I go over to talk to someone, I'd much prefer they place it on the table, rather than hold it and look at it while we're talking. I try to do the same with mine in that situation, or just put it in my pocket.
lifesinlimbo · 56-60, F
Respect, showing the person youre with that they matter 🤗
Yeah, just means I am focused on the person I'm talking to. People need to relax a little.
Katie01 · F
I don't wanna see every notification I get all the time
HannahSky · F
Seems polite or put it away completely.
hdiddle · 26-30, M
Yeah exactly.

That other option is dumb and makes no sense. If they had something to hide there are better ways to hide your phone than out in the open on a table or something lol
nefelibata · 46-50, F
I've never seen it as the person having something to hide. I see it as they want the screen to get scratches or sticky.
If my phone isn't in my hand, I don't look at it.
I've not seen anyone else who keeps their phone face up looking at theirs either.
Leggs · 46-50, F
I would not even notice.
I am not hung up on others' phone habits.

Get it? "Hung up" and "phone"?

My phone case is one of those wallet screen protector ones so it does not matter which way I put it

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