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I Don't Wear Makeup Often

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I feel that some people ask me why do I not wear makeup or why do I bother with it to be an annoying ongoing social topic. All the power to those who want to Express and wear it every day. I just think my lifestyle has grown to be more simplified and te stress of life is so exhausting. I can care less for how "beautiful" I can look for a regular hangout or just a walk at the park. Honey, we are not going clubbing every night and taking shots.

I only like wearing makeup if it's for those occasional social/events.

Not because I want people to believe this is how I look everyday, but I just love taking care of my skin. I love exfoliating and moisturizing. I have chubby cheeks and when I make the skin feel soft. It feels like a baby's butt. I remember this one girl in high school who would wear makeup and just fall asleep wearing it. She would have makeup all over her bed. I asked her why she would do this. Straight told me that it is because she can wake up looking beautiful and can re-apply a bit more to the face. Which I think and fought with her. I told her that is sooooo stupid. Makeup eats away at the skin and is not good for it. She shrugged it off but would complain about skin alot. 馃槫 Grrr.

I actually had a topic with one of my customers who worked in a meat packaging plant for 5 years. She mentioned "you'd be surprised for the stuff you are eating in the meats. There is a certain kind of chemical that is put in makeup just like in the meats. So be careful with how much you use it."

Just be careful when using makeup in my opinion. All the power to those who want to wear it but make sure to clean that stuff up properly before bed time.
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Apr 24, 2019
Edited: 5 mths ago
Primnproper51-55, F
My skin would be a nightmare if i wore it everyday..even with a good remover.
MissAru22-25, F
[@1317,Primnproper] oh my gosh. You and me, both. I honestly cannot keep up with caring how to make my makeup be "on point." I just want to have a lazy day and be in baggy clothes.
Primnproper51-55, F
[@482654,MissAru] 馃憤锔
DarkSky51-55, M
You feel that some ask you or do they actually ask you?
MissAru22-25, F
[@587991,DarkSky] they actually ask me.
DarkSky51-55, M
[@482654,MissAru] to heck with them.. none of their bizzwacks... and I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 not needed
PerseveringAngel26-30, F
I agree 100%. Us women do not need to cover up our beauty with a bunch of makeup. It covers up our true beauty. And if people have a problem with it, they can kiss ass lol.

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I Don't Wear Makeup Often
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