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I Feel Used
I feel used here on SW. As many people know and can see from my posts. I love all sorts of divination, mostly though I do tarot card readings on here. Why? Well because people ark always asking for a spiritual reading and it got to the point where I decided that I would announce when I am reading people. Everything was nice, I was reading people, I was making friends, and meeting new people to exchange views on certain subject. Now, a ton of my friends left SW and all I am getting are people who just want reading from me.

But really though, I am getting a lot of fake people too. I feel used because of these people. I am think about leaving SW because all I am seeing are fake accounts, trolls, and not really many people anymore. It doesn't help that I have people who just want to use me on here. I don't know. It just left a sour taste in my mouth about where SW is going.
SW User
I know "exactly" how you feel ! 馃槗
[c=#BF0080]Ehhh then it's time to move on.[/c]
I've seen you on here for a while and what you offered and worried you would get burned out. And I've never asked for a reading, because I know what it feels like for different reasons. I hope you stay. Just maybe cut back on the offers. I know you enjoy it, but most people won't appreciate you.
TheStoriesTruth26-30, M
Sorry to fight you but just wanted to say. Putting the whole spiritual stuff aside. I honestly don't mind that they won't appreciate me or if the people I talk to, only message me once. I don't care, what I care about is that I think I am making a friend when really I am not. If it was one or three, wouldn't care but now I have more users/trolls/fakes then friends on here and that is why I care. The friends are going away, and the baddies are coming to play basically.
@TheStoriesTruth: discern better. Be more selective with who you become friends and in real life. I lost one I really care about on here recently too.
TheStoriesTruth26-30, M
I am really sorry to her that. Oh and in real life, I have so many friends that you could fill a town with. So I am good there but maybe you are right about online friends <3 Thanks
Kouroz31-35, M
I agree with Peaceful

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I Feel Used
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