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I Am An Actress

When I was about 8 years old, I started my acting career although I stopped when I moved and haven’t really decided if I want to resume it again or not however here is my acting story…
 My mom decided that since I was quite shy in school that maybe she would try to put me into acting classes. Which was a fail the first day but as soon as I went to the next class I was very out going and the real me came out. Everyone was shocked so was I, I never knew I could act so damn well, from that day on the coach who is famous himself thought I should try auditioning for commercials and start off slow with something easy, he doesn’t always find kids my age at that time really comfortable in front of the camera but boy oh boy was I good and I really enjoyed it. From then on I started going out and auditioning almost every week, I got myself a resume and an agency. Not long after that I started to audition for movies which I got a few, and I had already completed a few commercials by that time as well. My coach was very impressed with how far I had come. I met a lot of famous actresses and actors as well as famous directors and producers. Some of them would come out of the auditioning room to tell my mother about how talented I was. No director or  producer ever comes out from the auditioning room to tell anyone anything unless it’s an emergency. Odviously I was really talented and of course that made me feel quite pleased with myself. Which makes me feel like such a special person. This went on for a while and I have tapes of my auditions and of my commercials and movies, I was in 3 movies and 2 commercials plus live theater groups and plays. If you have any more questions just ask me!
Hey weirdo palumbo
I am an actor if you forgot and I will plan to smash the bollywood scene and elevate the scene with my natural ability.
King is so special.
And you are losing him?
Stop ignoring me I am a rare find
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Ahhhh perversion really boils my blood...............
It's a rough career choice. Like sports, it's about talent, & willingness to focus solely on it to succeed. I left a music career because of the bohemian lifestyle.
But if it's fun then go have fun!
I was in the Spielberg film they did here, & met lots of people who build their lives around getting as extras, let alone those with SAG cards.
sounds like you really enjoyed it, i know what it feels like to have something your really good at but not want to do it after taking a long break because you feel like its to much pressure/work, the hard thing is getting back into it, just remember how good it makes you feel to perform, belive in your self and you can take it anywhere you want, even professorial!
If you were just a child actress you have to resume it soon. otherwise your carrier will stagnate. A few movies as a child actor star doesn't equate to movie rolls as an adult actor star. I'm just saying you will have to go for rolls and casting and put yourself as available and get parts in movies , shows and commercials VERY SOON!!!! DONT LET IT LAPSE. ok.
I hope u are keeping this up
I aim to make it big as you know
Anything is possible
(as far as making love to king on screen?
Dude I dont know if u will make it in
You have a ton of competition
maybe if you give me a bubble blowjob
then I will consider it
but plleeaaasee use mouthwash before dude?)
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I knew a director when I was in high school that put me in a professional theatre play....I continued acting until I was bullied out of it....I should never have let such petty people prevent me from doing what I liked...I regret leaving it to this day.
I would strongly recommend:

Never stop the success that comes from your natural talent:
Not everyone can act so if that's your talent then pursue it and and don't hesitate!
Which movies were you in??
That's a pretty good list of acomplishments,, Good on You ! Even if you don't persue acting on a career level,, maybe some local theater troup could use your talents. Break a leg !
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
thank you :D it means alot.
If you're in T.O. and you have questions about head shots, demo reels,.. let me know
And love to hear how you are progressing
It's a tough gig some of my friends are actors.
Good luck
Interesting. I have friends in the biz. They got me to do s headshot and bio and are submitting for me for TV work. Minor role stuff. But I think it would be fun just to see how it all works.
i dream of being an actor but am too shy i wish i could be so open about it i feel i would be okay but not confident im being true and believable
That is amazing!! I've not acted since high school, but I am planning on auditioning for some musicals later this year.
You look like you have the looks for it and your personality shines in your pics. What things have you been in
In your acting career, have you ever had to undress to your panties, or be nude?.
Well have you?..
I have been acting in community heater for a long time. I love doing improve comedy
What movies and commercials where you in. Are you on IMDB? That's awesome!
awesome i do acting in the uk , lets swap tips sometime ?
straight up i have worked for/ with steven spielberg twice on band of brothers and also warhorse !!!
So time to come out to Hollywood to get serious about it?
Impressive, I hope you get where you want too end up in your life
May I ask what movies you were in. I want to Act, also
HI CC94, Why would you not resume your career?
Good luck in the pursuit of all your dreams :0)
Sounds like you have had a great time growing up.
Neat.....would love to see some of your work. :)
You should pick it up again. Break a leg!
So what kind of films were you in
coming from an actor... woot! :)
what movies where you in ?
That's so cool!!!!
What movies
What movies

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