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I Am Learning to Take Care of Myself

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The emotional, mental and physical are inexorably intertwined. Sometimes eating a proper meal or drinking some water or taking some Aleve for a headache can do wonders for the state of your heart. It's just hard to remember that in the moment, though it gets easier with practice. I'm still working on it, but I'm a hell of a lot further along than I was a few years ago.
36-40, M
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Oct 11, 2018
Noni33 · 26-30, F
SW User

It's nice to see your posts here again. ☺
BlueDiver · 36-40, M
[@635091,Gethsemane] Holy fuck, it's you. Hi. Ehh, I have no idea if it's going to become a regular thing or not, but lately I've been getting the bug.
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[@425001,BlueDiver] Hang around for a few days, you'll be cured....😂
xfdhhgfh · 22-25, C
[c=#666666]Probably most people won't care for themselves, when no one else does. Remind yourself that that doesn't make any logical sense, and just do it. I think the more a person does for oneself, the better the person's confidence gets, as a bonus.[/c]
BlueDiver · 36-40, M
Are you talking about no one else caring right now, or no one ever caring (like, even during childhood)? If you're talking about the first, then yeah, I agree. And if you're talking about the second, then I agree even more strongly - growing up without people giving a damn about you makes you learn on a really deep level not to care about yourself.

I think of personal growth like I think of endurance training - at first, you'll get winded after a few minutes. But as you work at it, you start to be able to do it more and more, with it taking less and less out of you. Though I should throw out the caveat that sometimes people have old, deep wounds that hold them back from taking care of themselves - wounds that can take more than practice to figure out how to get past.

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I Am Learning to Take Care of Myself
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