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I Like This Guy But Im to Scared to Tell Him

I like this guy on my bus, not gonna say his name, but he's really cute. And get this, he's not an F-boy. I swear! He's such a sweet guy, and doesn't like being touched, and is super polite and omg. He's also really cute. Thing is, he talks to everyone except me. The only words I've said to him were, you're new right? Then he was like, yep. Then I nodded and left. He talks to everyone else though. I am hard to talk to...maybe that's it. Anyway, I really think I like him. I create weird scenarios in my head about everything, like I can't think of an example but if the littlest thing happens I create a scenario of how it'll play out in my head. A zombie apocalypse, i'm in a simulation, if someone makes me laugh they get points for Something. It's all very weird and elaborate. So i've definetly thought up some weird ones like we're going to get married in the future or something. If he accidentally touch hands and I feel a shock, i'll lose it. How could I make him like me? AHHH See IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN. BYE
cdCalandraBelle · 41-45, T
hmm . make it safe for him to make mistakes when trying to talk back with u

ask him is he new here again

if he answers yes or looks at u funny or says stuf within that kinda range or even playjoke insults ish u .. then u get to say .. yeah i know but i wana talk with u and get to know u and want u to get to know me too (very quickly ish . so that noone or anything interupts)

also if u can say (this may be important) its not like imnot going to give u a few chances to b comfortable enough .. or something like that ..

maybe its a bit super brave . but id hope its the least mistakable for intention and purpose . also its hopefully makes it so that if he qants to talk he doesnt have to imagine a perfect scenario , youve said he has a few chances so he can mess up a bit just like u did ..

thats a best real thing i can think of .. and it may even b wrong :/ .. but yeah im not the greatest flirt or picker upper either .. :'(
JengaAlexis41 · 22-25, F
I doubt the interest is mutual. He doesn't seem to like any girl, even this pretty nice girl on our bus that always talks to him. He always sits far away from her but still talks to her. Before someone says it, I doubt he's gay. He's from the south and I don't think he's comfortable with gays. So, before anyone says it, to late, I already said it.
caccoon · 36-40
@JengaAlexis41 He might just be shy! I avoid people I find attractive in real life.
Ask him how he's doing, always smile,be friendly,approachable
caccoon · 36-40
You should start to get to know him and talk to him more first. To see if the interest is mutual! :)

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I Like This Guy But Im to Scared to Tell Him
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