I Love My Bestfriend
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Im younger

[b][c=#008099]Without talking down
or making me feel [i]small [/i]🤏
she's made me feel young👶
made me feel ✌😍 stories tall

She ' s taught me not to run 🏃‍♂️
held me [i]up[/i] 🤗
when I thought I'd [i]fall[/i]🤸‍♂️
she's helped me to walk 🚶‍♂️
and never makes me crawl 🐌

Through "[i]my back pages[/i]"📖
and all my various stages
she's stood by me through it all
heaven knows
I've kept her on her toes🦶
and she always keeps her eye 👁️ on the balls 🤹‍♀️[/c][/b]

[b][c=#008099]Today, my friend HappyMedium made me feel younger than the 50 yrs that I've been kickin around this big ol stone , and this is just one out of thousands of days she has turned back the clock and given me the most valuable gift a friend can give you...her time.

For this I'm grateful, and it's an honor to call her my best friend, and yes, I do love her. I love her for making me laugh and for laughing with me when no one else would. I love her for caring about me, when she already has so much to do, but still she finds time for me. She loves me when it's not always the easiest thing in the world to do...but she is there for me, and I owe her a world of gratitude.

Thank you Happy❤️Medium 🤗🥰[/c][/b]

[b][c=#008099]And bc I know you don't care for Dylan as much as I do, and this is about you , not me 🤭

I chose this version of My back pages" just for you...bc you do make me feel younger 🤗😙[/c][/b]

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HappyMedium · 51-55, F Best Comment
This had me smiling from the get go and then all of the sudden my eyes got super big reading the rest

🥰[b][c=#008099]THANK YOU [/c][/b] Diggler💙

Today was about [b][c=#008099]you[/c][/b] and [b][c=#008099]
your birthday[/c][/b] and here you go, honoring me.🤗🥰

Love you!
Love this!!
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
[@645383,HappyMedium] Awwww!! 🤗
Diggler · 46-50, M
[@645383,HappyMedium] just happy you're [i]Happy[/i] bc nothing makes me happier than [b]you[/b] [i]Happy[/i] 🤗

Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Awwwww!!! I’m gonna cry!!!! This is so sweet..... she’s gonna love it!! 🤗
HappyMedium · 51-55, F
😏You're absolutely right

Awww...such a lovely dedication. I’m happy for the both of you, and the special friendship you both share...and love!


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I Love My Bestfriend
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