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Quitting for a couple weeks

Lately I’ve been using those disposable Bidi Sticks since I lost my Smok, and I never cared for it anyway. The battery (which isn’t rechargeable) just died on my Bidi Stick, but apparently they’re all sold out, so I think I’m going to go without for a couple weeks. I gave up vaping for Lent this year, so two weeks is nothing compared to that. My family and I are going on vacation for a week next week, so I need to get used to not vaping and get over the physical withdrawal before that happens. I noticed I gave it up for a week when I went to visit my dad, and I was in a bad mood the whole time. He pointed it out multiple times and eventually kicked me out and sent me home. 😝 So I don’t want that to happen again, so giving it up a week BEFORE spending a week with my family seems like a better idea.

Once I get home, I’ll probably get myself a non-disposable, higher quality vape pod mod. Any suggestions?
RopinTexan · 31-35, M
So I quit cold turkey yesterday and just couldn’t do it. I caved and got myself another Vuse Alto with some 35 mg pods (down a bit from the 50 I’m used to). In the past I’ve been able to quit for several days at a time, but I feel like I’m becoming *more* addicted lately, not less. I think it’s because I’d been working from home for so long and now am unemployed, but when I was working on-site I would always leave my vape at home so I could only use it before and after work. Now I use it all the time…

I tried getting the patch at the store today, but they were behind some glass. I’m not sure if it’s prescription only or what. So I ended up getting some of those lozenges. I’m not sure how many are in the pack or if they’ll last me an entire week.

Here’s the thing…I actually am not crazy about the idea of quitting for good. If I’m 100% honest with myself, it’s more than just a physical addiction to me…I actually enjoy it. It’s something to do when I’m at home, watching TV or whatever, and it really helps me wake up in the morning too.

I just want to cut back a bit so that when I’m with family for long periods of time, I won’t need it. Only a select few close friends actually even know I vape. That’s why I was considering the patch…not because I’m looking to quit but so that I can wear it under my clothes all week next week, and my family wouldn’t know otherwise. But it seems really hard to get, and you’re only supposed to use it if you’re actually trying to quit for good…
Penny · F
I just got a Smok Novo 3. its not horrible. I was vaping disposables like Hyppes or Puff Bars. I like those better but they cost twice as much. The Nord X looked good too but I like to vape a low wattage and luckily no one had one in stock wheni went looking. ( I prefer the Novo now) Two people recommended the Nords to me but they are high wattage vapers. High watt vaping is supposed to be way worse than low wattage vaping. I dont need to puff huge clouds. The only drawbacks of the Novo 3 for me is the pods not even 2 ml and if you dont have fingernails it'd be really hard to open the pod to fill. (One good thing I like is that you can vape regular juice or nic salts if you want.)
RopinTexan · 31-35, M
[@533101,Penny] I don’t care about the clouds either. I don’t vape for the clouds, I vape for the head buzz. I hold in most of what would make the clouds anyway. How many mg of nicotine do you usually have in your juice?

Have you ever tried quitting temporarily like I am? Quitting for good would be ideal obviously, but quitting for a period of time is better than nothing. Personally I’ve found it doable as long as I know and tell myself, “After this period of time, I can start again,” and that keeps me going.
Penny · F
[@1102251,RopinTexan] im vaping 35 mg. i was vaping 50 mg or 5% nic salts in the disposables. it took a couple days to adjust and i do vape like lamost all day long now. i'd go higher but im afraid i will still vape all day long and get way too much nicotine. i have tried to quit many times. i do well on the patch but i developed an allergy to it. i havent gone more than half a day nicotine free in ages though i have tried. i will keep trying though. i am hoping to wean off from vaping. if you cant vape the patch might be an option for you.
RopinTexan · 31-35, M
[@533101,Penny] Yeah, I’m on 50 mg as well. Did you gradually move down to 35 or go straight there?

I’ve never really considered the patch. I guess I just assumed it wouldn’t do much for me since I’m not actually breathing in anything. Maybe I’m wrong though; have you tried? Is it as or more economical than vaping?

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