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I Went Barefoot To School

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My daughter came running out of school today completely barefoot! Shoes in hand and socks stuffed in her bag... Harriet said that her teacher had told her to remove her shoes and socks because they were absolutely soaking wet through, and so her teacher put them on a radiator to dry.

My darling Harriet completely forgot she was barefoot and simply went about her school day with bare feet. Even at playtime!

I hope she doesn’t get ideas and ask to start going to school barefoot because the school won’t let her go barefoot full time.

You should know my daughter and sons all despise wearing any footwear and leap at any opportunity to have bare feet.
31-35, F
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Dec 7, 2018
much healthier when barefoot
[@856183,SandraB] Same in our house, Always have been but really embraced it after our travels
SandraB · 31-35, F
[@484750,spiritmindnbody] Wonderful.
UnshodAdvocate · 22-25, M
[@484750,spiritmindnbody] [@856183,SandraB] There's literally over 50+ different health benefits to barefooting.
JustChris · 41-45, M
She beat the system!
UnshodAdvocate · 22-25, M
[@775793,JustChris] Agreed; win-win for her.
GkB01 · 46-50, M
I saw a quite strange but enjoyable sight earlier this week. Coming home from town, I got of the bus near the local infant school and saw two mums and their children walking down the road. One boy probably around the age of 6 or 7 had his school shoes on, but oddly 1 sock. I think he must have had PE last lesson, and possibly lost or left one at school.

Suddenly he stopped on the pavement, took his shoes off and the one sock and started to make his way along in bare feet. He got quite a way before his mum noticed and ordered him to put the shoes on. He looked s though he'd rather be in bare feet, I think he'd probably done PE in bare feet at school.

My sister growing up, was the same as your children constantly in her bare feet, a habit she seems to have passed on to her own two my nieces.
nudydude · 56-60, M
nice she was able to enjoy one day free of shoes. hee hee

Bare Hugs
SunshineGirl · 31-35, F
Bless her 🤗 I too can remember getting my shoes and socks soaked during playtime in the winter and having to go barefoot while they dried on the radiator.
UnshodAdvocate · 22-25, M
Nothing wrong with barefooting in school since there are even articles about how it is better to be barefoot in school to improve performance, grades, and attitude.
SandraB · 31-35, F
[@92794,UnshodAdvocate] None of us have any issues. We’ve been to the park, supermarket, restaurants
UnshodAdvocate · 22-25, M
[@856183,SandraB] That's great; based on those experiences, I definitely would like you to be a chapter in a barefooting book I am working on.
mazza62 · 56-60, M
[@92794,UnshodAdvocate] I Vividly remember row of socks drying on the radiators at school. The winters back then were very wet and wet had deep snow that went down our wellies. As soon as we got to school our,teacher made us take our socks off and dry them on the radiators and we sat in the classroom barefoot
barefootnude · 61-69, M
I'm sure she enjoyed it a lot. There's really nothing wrong with it. Society has just decided that it's unhealthy and unsafe. Nothing could be farther from the truth. How many of our grandparents went to school barefoot?

My son was very passionate about going barefoot. There were a few times in elementary school when he would get away from the house before I could make sure he was all "put together" and had everything. He walked to school, and about an hour later, I got a call from the office saying that he'd showed up at school barefoot. Well that meant, I had to put clothes on and drive up there. I walked into the office barefoot (of course) and gave him his flip-flops. I did talk to the principal a couple of times, and they were not going to budge. He said a few of the teachers didn't care that he was barefoot in the classroom, but he had to wear his flip-flops outside of the classroom. As long as it wasn't cold, he kicked them off at the first opportunity and walked home barefoot.
jamesbreitbart · 22-25, M
You might be able to get teh school to allow her to start going barefoot permanently, now that she's proved she can go barefoot without any harm.
SandraB · 31-35, F
[@718164,jamesbreitbart] Certainly worth a go, I know Harriet would love to be able to attend school barefoot.
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
When my kids were at school I picked them up by car and the minute they got in the car their clothes came off .
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
[@775793,JustChris] Yes if there had been a school where they could go naked they would have gone there .
JustChris · 41-45, M
[@470110,Rhodesianman] that would have been awesome! I know of kids that are homeschooled specifically so they can be nude at "school".
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
[@775793,JustChris] Yer my wife and I couldn't do that
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I Went Barefoot To School
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