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Is it okay to be blunt with an autistic person?

I have a cousin who is autistic and she refuses to see reality and only wants to see the good sides of life. I mean it’s great, but she needs to hear the negative parts of life as well. She hates hearing the negative part of herself when she screws up or when she’s lying or whatever and she needs to fix it. When she asked us for an honest answer or an opinion we gave it to her straight, but very sincere and tactful, but she gets upset. Well she shouldn’t of asked. I don’t care if she’s autistic, I’m going to be blunt with her for her to see the bigger picture. She asked the same questions over and over and over again which is very annoying. Show respect people‘s boundaries but sometime she pushes it. Several people have told her not to hug because of COVID-19 that’s been happening. She has to be reminded because she doesn’t always listen sometimes we have to y’all. Frankly we have to be blunt with her, but not rude. I’m learning about autism and I’ve been learning about it for about a year or two.
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JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@912138,OogieBoogie] OK I just wanted to make sure because I don’t want people to see me as a jerk. I don’t care if she’s autistic, I will be blunt with her, even if she gets upset and the truth hurts. Oh well. Autistic people need to see the reality of life.
Look , They can be more stubborn than prototypical people, and sometimes you need a good analogy so they understand.

And sometimes, apps you can do it plant the seed for thought.

Being gentle and pandering doesn't help them.

Ifntih habe the time...a good debate can work . But they hate having their ideals shattered...its very unsettling to them.

But stay your ground, don't get emotional , and keep if logical and factual....and e en if tjey dint agree might eventually sink in later .
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@912138,OogieBoogie] well I’m sorry that her ideas get shattered when the truth is spoken, but she’s going to have to get used to it. I mean we’re going to get uncomfortable once in a while. She doesn’t always listen and being nice to her isn’t going to work and sometimes we have to be very stern. Her dad says sometimes you have to look her in the eye and be very direct with her and blunt. She’s way too clingy independent on her dad and she needs to back off
[@1184578,JulesKittyKat] look, I come from,a family that has peolke in it with, varying degrees of autism.

And I applaud you attitude .

Truth is truth - and you can't change it.👍
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Wow well thank you so much. That’s sweet of you. I’m not telling her to stay away from her father I’m just telling her to back off a bit and she doesn’t need them all the time. I guess that’s why his girlfriend always have these talks with her about life and whatever. I understand she’s very close with her father and she doesn’t want to lose him. I mean none of us wanna lose our parents I don’t wanna lose mine. She just needs to back off of him sometimes.
As long as she understands that shes doing wrong then yes tell her. Maybe you might have to repeat to her but that might be needed due to her condition. I know its frustrating but working with people with autism for many years myself you get a sense of what they understand & dont.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@553217,Cutiepi23] The problem is I hate repeating myself. She doesn’t always listen and I hate repeating myself so I tend to yell at her which I didn’t mean to.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@517919,th3r0n] We are blunt with her we have to be. There’s no point of tell her because sometimes when she ask for an honest answer or whatever we tell her straight to the point and we don’t sugarcoat it and she gets angry.

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