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I Hate Liers And Fake People

I think the reason most relationships and marriages end is because people are so damn fake. This is obvious but I will write it.

Physically at the begining they are all covered up in makeup or altering clothes or unrevealing clothes. Then when you are in an intimate setting or personal setting like camping, all that goes away and it's a completely different person.

Psychologically at the beginning they are kinder, sweeter, gentler, more caring, act intersted in you and then after a while that all goes away and they stop pretending to like things you like, they start speaking their mind and true feelings, they start critisizing you about everything. And you are like WTH?

They turn into monsters!

I've had girls pretend not to be religious. I even more recently after two years been with someone who somehow forgot how to speak English if you can believe that. (as in not trying that hard to speak the language and misunderstanding everything).

I don't feel like anything changes on my end, I just end up being with a completely different person. I even try really hard at the begining to specifically ask what they want out of life, what their passions are, their goals, what makes them happy, and share what makes me happy and my goals. Then revisit those goals periodically.

People are just psychopaths.

eMortal · M
Most of the time people hide their true self just to get married.
If it's an interacial relationship, the statistics that one of you will "fake it" is even higher.
If a middle eastern woman was pretending to not be religious, it mostly likely was because she didn't want to scare you off. Now that the relationship is well established, she wants to show you her true self.
About forgetting a language, it happens. When extremely irritated or anxious, the brain doesn't have enough energy left to process a 2nd language. You'll noticed that by the sudden stuttering and language mix-up.
Earthwrap · 41-45, M
@eMortal Yes, that was only two examples. :)
I don't know about middle eastern but it seems to happen with all religions.
eMortal · M
@Earthwrap true it happens with all religions. Religious people want to date people outside their communities. Unfortunately in religions have very bad press nowadays. So in other mingle with the non-religious crowd, they have to shut up a bit about their faith until they feel safe.

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I Hate Liers And Fake People
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