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I Write About My Experience As A Prostitute
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'A Pros Life :- Chapter 5 : Sex In The City' Part 1

A Prostitute's Life - ‘Chapter 5 : Sex In The City’
by Ms. Samantha Josephine Duponte

[i]What you are about to read - you will be surprised to
learn - is true. A lot of my friends have said that my
life would make an interesting movie so, well, I took
their advice and wrote about it. Here is a slice of my
life. Writer's note : I wrote this back in 2002 for the
Experience Project (EP), back in the day.[/i]

Sunday morning,8am,when I wake up. Karen, my lover, is by my
side, arm draped over my breasts. She's still asleep. Must be from
the sex that we had when we went to bed. She's still dressed in
the 'hooker' stuff that she wore. Boy, does she look sexy. We ate
each other out a few times before we slept.

She really turned me on, hit all of my 'moist'
buttons, dressed like my twin and smoking a cigarette. I adore
sleazy looking women who smoke; I've shagged plenty in my
time...But Karen doesn't smoke...I think she only did it to get
me excited. Well, it sure worked! My mind drifts into the thought
process of Karen giving up her teacher's post and becoming a
whore just like me. That would be great...she could smoke all she
wanted and the whore look obviously suites her...but...but she
wouldn't do it...

Karen stirs. I caress her hair and say [i]"Hiya sexy"[/i]. Karen
looks my way and stares me in the eye. [i]"Samantha, you've got an
evil look in your eye!"[/i].I smile and say [i]"Well, babe, you put it
there!"[/i].I turn her over and mount her, going down over her face as
we kiss tenderly at first, then with more passion. Tongue's dart
into mouths and vagina's get moist...

Martika enters the room, white towelling dressing gown draped
over her young body. Her makeup smeared across her face from a
night asleep.

[i]"You two at it again? God mum, you kept me awake from all
your moaning. Can't you stop fucking each other?"[/i] Martika
says, smirking as she does.

She takes one look at Karen before she says [i]"Hey, you into
role playing as well, Kaz?"[/i]

Karen blushes. Martika goes from our room and makes her way
down the stairs.

Karen and I chat awhile. I pick out a cigarette from my
bedside cabinet, light up and offer it to Karen. She declines. I
grow sad on the inside. Pity. I place the cigarette back into my
mouth for the second time and inhale deeply, getting a huge
amount of nicotine into my lungs and my system. I always feel
better having my first cigarette of the morning. That first drag
always seems to wake me up...

We chat awhile, taking about things that lovers do and when we
finally get out of bed it's a full twenty minutes since I first
looked at my clock.. Upon going down into the living room Martika
is on the phone, coarse language coming from her mouth. When in
'hooker' mode her language, like all whores that I know of, is of
the gutter. I conclude that she's talkin' to her grandmother, my
mum, Sue. Cigarette clutched in the corner of her teenage lips she
makes full use of the words 'fucking','sucking','cock','cunt'
and others besides. Martika as a whore, is full on white
trash, just like me and my ma...

When she gets off the phone she relates what she's been
talking about. Sue's worked till 4am and has been up all night on
speed and coke. She sucked and fucked 14 guys and has been
steadily smoking and drinking since. You gotta hand it to
her. Although she's well into her 40's now she can still step up
to the plate and show the young hookers out there how to do
it. That's my mum....

I prepare breakfast; veggie sausage, bacon, tomato's and fried
eggs all around. Although Karen isn't veggie she has to here, I
wouldn't cook any meat in my kitchen. I serve up while Karen
fixes the drinks.

I'm well hungry. Breakfast goes down a treat. So does my first
intake of black coffee. I get a refill and we all chat
awhile. Martika makes a quick phone call to her dad and tells him
we'll be over at 4pm. She beckons me over and I have a word with
Toni. Whilst at the phone, Martika goes upstairs to get showered
and changed. He asks me if I was all right and if I was working
last night. I tell him that I was. We just shoot the shit for a
while. Toni's a nice guy. I regret getting a divorce from
him...Well, technically, he dumped me once he knew of my life 'on
the game' but, hey, you know what I mean...

Once I get off the phone I think about Sue. I do worry about
her drinking and drugging. Sure, it's fun and decadent, but she
has a little girl, Amber, my sister who's just over 12 months old
that she should be thinking about. In the grand tradition of my
family, Sue hasn't got a clue who the father is. Yet another
punter's bitch child. Amber spends a lot of her time with baby
sitters whilst her mum shags anything with a pulse. I think that
she's irresponsible in that way and I know that she is a great
mum but, if I was able to have any more children I would look
after her much better. Amber; lovely child. Sue called her that so
that, I suppose, at some point in time, she'll become a hooker just
like us. It makes me think sometimes, did she have that planned
for me as well?

Martika comes back and offers me a cigarette. I thank her and
accept. She lights me up. She's just been showered and her hair is
still wet as she sits down besides me and sparks up herself. We
synchronise inhale and exhale a time or two before Martika

[i]"I really enjoyed myself over the last few days mum..."[/i] she
starts off cautiously.

[i]"Well, I'm glad."[/i]

[i] "I AM gonna do it after I finish school, y'know?"[/i] she says

I laugh and tell her that I kinda gathered that.

[i]"I'm gonna work the streets here, just like you."[/i]

I look over at her. Martika is taking a long drag of her
cigarette. As she removes the cigarette from between her young
lips Martika notices me and looks directly into my eyes. I
inhale deeply on mine.

[i]"Why do you want to be a prossie, Martika?"[/i] I ask through a
cloud of exhaled smoke.

[i]"'Cos I love it. You do it. You trained me. Sue does it. It's in
the family genes!"[/i] she laughs.

[i]"No, seriously now. What's the big attraction?"[/i]

[i]"I love to shag. You've seen me fuck punters. I'm good at it
and that's what I wanna do with my life. Why? You want me to
stop? Is that what this is all about? I won't, you know...."[/i]

[i] "I know, I know..."[/i] I begin. [i]"...If you want to become a
full-time whore then I really don't mind, y'know? It's just that I
wished that you had set your sights on something else. You can do
it later in life. Why don't you give 'normal life' a chance and go
to college, study and train to some other line of work..."[/i]

[i]"...and earn £100 a week? No fuckin' chance! I mean, I made
over £200 this weekend! Why would I give that fuckin' up!"[/i]
Martika snorts.

[i]"So why a streetwalker? Why not work in a massage parlour. The
money's good. The sex lasts longer. Why not that?"[/i]

[i]"Why then do you work the streets, eh, mum?"

"This ain't about me..."[/i] I say, taking another drag.

[i]"I know, but why do you?"[/i]

[i]"Because I prefer it, ok? I have no qualm about people
knowing that I'm a hooker. I adore the seediness of it. The
sex, the look, the drugs; I find it very glamorous. I live it and
breathe it. Fucking punters is what I'm designed for. Working in
a sauna isn't the same. I prefer quantity over quality. Street
work is what I like. That's why I do it."

"Well, the same here. I'm a sleazy old cunt. I love fucking in
cars. I can't get excited in a bed as I do in the back of a
car. I'm a fuck-hole, just like you, mum, and the vibe on the street
just suites me down to the ground. I can wear what the fuck I
like, work when I like. I don't suppose you can in a sauna."

"The money is way better, though."[/i] I say, grinding out my
cigarette butt in the ashtray.

[i]"Mum, I really don't give a shit about the money. I'm a
streetwalker now and a streetwalker I'll stay. End of story!"[/i]

[i]"That's fine with me. I AM proud of you anyway. You're my
daughter. I'm just thinking on my feet here. I love you to
bits, y'know? I really couldn't be happier that you are a prossie. I
just want you to do it for the right reasons."

"The sex?"


"Well, now ya know!"[/i] she says smirking at me. We give each
other a big hug.

[i]"Hey mum, Karen's in the shower. Why don't you join her?"[/i]

I smile and nod my head in agreement. I get up and make my
way up the stairs and into the bathroom. I shout to Karen and
tell her that I'm coming in with her. I drop my robe and get
in. Karen is wet from head to toe. I caress her hips as she leans
forward to give me a kiss on the lips. Tongues find each other as
we hungrily, violently and passionately. For what seemed like a
lifetime we kissed. I pull away from her and slowly lower myself
onto my knees, facing her pubic mound. Karen spread her legs to
accommodate me. I lick her vagina like a dog licks a persons
face, which brings a giggle from Karen.

[i]"On your knees again Sam?"[/i] she jokingly says.

I tongue gently enters her. I twirl it around in her vagina. I
feel her hand clamp onto my head, pressing my face to her cunt. I
nibble her clitoris in a raw-sex kinda way. I can hear Karen start
to whimper above my head. I up the pace. I nibble, lick, suck and
slurp on her cunt until I feel my mouth going numb. Then, without
much warning, I feel her shudder and the hot, syrupy female fuck
juices ooze from her cunt and into my welcoming mouth. I love
Karen's juices. They sure taste great!

"Now I'll please you. I know what you want. Get on the
floor, sexy." she coos.

I get on the floor of the bath, excited by what was to! Karen lowers herself on top of me, her fingers rub
circles around my aching pussy. First one finger, then another
enters my vagina. Karen slides her fingers in and
out....mmmmmmm....feels good.

[i]"Y'know, in light of the the cock that I bang, day in, day
out, it's your fingers that drive me wild."[/i] I purr.

[i]"You're a fuckin' trollop, Samantha Duponte."[/i] she snaps back.

[i] "Well, make your trollop cum then! Finger my well used, trashy
cunt. Pump you fingers hard into your fuck slut."[/i]

Karen responds by pumping my loins hard. Her fingers seem to
be a blur of motion, getting me all wet. Karen calls me all
sorts of slutty names, getting me off big time. In no time at all
I cum, spending all over her erect fingers buried deep within my
pussy. I moan and whimper throughout. Karen removes her fingers
and puts them to my lips. I suck them, and my fanny juices with
sheer abandon. I love how they taste. We slowly get up and finish

We both grab towels, one more for my hair, and put them around
our bodies. I run over to the bedroom where I dry myself off and
towel dry my hair. Ample use of deodorant and perfume are used to
cover my body, before I put on my black lacey underwear - no
panties though! My black leather jeans and ankle boots are then
put on and, finally, a large slash necked fluffy purple
jumper. With my left bra strap and shoulder exposed I begin to put
on my jewellery - 7 chains and pendants of varying lengths,3 coin
rings,1 wedding band,4 dress rings and a thumb ring. Seven
bangles are put on each wrist,4 ear studs with purple stones and
two large (and heavy) gold hoop earrings.
I then mousse, backcomb and tease my hair with the hairdryer
before I sit at my vanity table and start on my face makeup. I
like to begin by lighting up a cigarette and leaving it in the
ashtray, intermittently taking drags from it, as I construct
'Samantha the Streetwalker' from cleansers, toners, foundation,
blemish cream, compact powder, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner,
mascara, lipstick and lipgloss. I draw the remains of the cigarette
to my lips and take a huge drag as I look in the mirror and admire
myself.'Lookin' hot, foxy lady...' I say to myself as I stub out my
cigarette butt.

Karen is already dressed in her jeans and sweatshirt. She's
been patiently waiting for me to finish. No makeup, just pure and
fresh faced. Karen doesn't like to wear makeup much. Usually just
a bit of lippy. Over the last year or so I have fought long and
hard to get her to wear more. Last night she got it spot
on. Tarty. I like tarty. Her dress sense is just the same -
conservative. She has a nice pair of legs and looks good in
mini's, but most of the time she's plain. I mean, if she looked
tarty at school she wouldn't last long. No more job....

Martika is puffing away on another cigarette as we enter
the room; she loves her cigarettes. Whenever she's over here she
smokes the best part of two packets per day, a very heavy smoker
indeed. Sue actively encourages Martika to smoke more and more. I
mean, I don't mind her smoking but, hey, she doesn't do a lot of
exercise. She dislikes partaking in sports and the only exercise
that she does do is walking to and from school every day and the
sex sessions that she does. You could say that by my 'pimping her
out' I'm keeping her healthy!

She offers me a cigarette and I decline, telling her I just
put one out. I collect my purse and head out the door. I'm on
paper run today. I get to collect the Sunday papers from the
nearby newsagents. I chat awhile to the woman there. She's asian
and a really nice gal. She knows that I'm a prostitute, as do most
people in my neighbourhood, but she treats me as an equal. I say my
goodbyes, after parting with a few quid over what is just a few
pieces of paper, and saunter off back down the road. A police car
pulls up a way down the road on the opposite side and the two
occupants get out. The police officer notices me and calls me
over. I casually walk over and chat.

The two members of the law say hi. The man I've known for a
couple of years. He's nice. The WPC? I've never seen her
before. The policeman introduces me to his colleague and tells me
that she's a new transfer to the Derbyshire constabulary. He asks
me what I've been up to and was I 'working' last night? I tell
him that I'm doin' fine and yes, I was on the beat last night. He
smiles and tells me that there were a few problems with dodgy
punters last night, one of my 'colleagues' was attacked. The
policeman then gave me a description of the fella. I said that I
would spread the word.

He went on to ask me about any young girls out working. I
didn't know any I told him. What happened next shocked me. He
went on to give me a description of who could only have been
Martika. Lying through my teeth I said that I'll keep an eye
out. FUCKIN' HELL! As a parting shot I was asked if I was still
off drugs. I look him in the eye and tell him that I'm still
clean. He smiles and says that he's glad.

As I troll off I can hear him tell the WPC of my
background. Since coming over to Derby, I've been arrested some
13 times for soliciting. It's on my police records. My file lists
me as a 'common prostitute'. That's one of the problems with
girls trying to get out of 'the life', they're tarred with the
name. They say '..once a prostitute, always a prostitute..'. I don't
really believe that but, when a girl wants to go 'straight' and
apply for jobs, what does it ask you on ALL application
forms? 'Any criminal convictions', that's what. What's a girl to do?

Whenever I talk to Sue about it, she brags about being pulled
up. She hates getting the fine, as do we all, but she loves her
'record'. She's usually picked up every month or so. When she gets
into court and they ask her [i]' do you plead?"[/i] she always says
[i]'..guilty. I'm a prostitute'[/i]. When I tell her that I've been
pulled in she usually says [i]'Cool, girl...'[/i].Mad or what?

Martika tells me that she can't wait to get arrested for
soliciting! I mean, what do you say to [i]that[/i]? I think that's it's
been drilled into her head, by Sue, that you're not a 'proper'
prostitute until you are......

The police are usually all right with me 'cos I bang a few of
'em, give them 'freebies' so to speak. I personally know of a few
other tarts that do the same; screw the cops to get off. One of my
police 'punters' always asks me to screw him without a rubber. I
usually do. It's either that or get pulled in...

Many, many years ago I was pulled up and asked for sex or get
busted by a cop. I took the sex route. I took him down an alleyway
and shagged the fuck out of him. He then busted me anyway! The

I get back home and spread the papers over the coffee
table. They're eagerly snapped up by the gossip-hungry vultures
Martika and Karen. As I sit down I tell Martika what I had just

[i]"Fuckin' Hell, I'm famous!"[/i] she snorts.

Karen grudgingly gets up to make a fresh pot of coffee before
we all settle down to read the papers. Karen and I like the
Express and the Mail, Martika loves the News Of The World and the
People. We swap them around 'cos we all want to hear the latest sex
scandal. There's usually something or other about our fellow
whores in there and Martika scans through to hear how the other
half live...

I'm onto my second refill and second cigarette by the time
we finish, some two hours later. Right, time to start the
dinner. With all the pots on the go and the Quorn roast doin' fine
I go back to the living room and chat awhile. Once it's ready to
serve, Martika does the honours. After lunch we watch a bit of
EastEnders, having missed the weekly parts due to...well, do you
REALLY have to ask?

Right time to get ready to take Martika over to Toni's. Time
for a toilet break...I quickly change into a cum stained one
piece leopard print mini dress which is very tight, fishnets and
black stiletto's. I frizz up my hair a little, reapply my
lipstick, perfume and eyeliner. I look hot. Martika heads out
to the kitchen to bleach her nicotine stained fingers clean. Toni
doesn't know that she smokes. Then she hurries upstairs to brush
her teeth. Once we're all ready we head out of the door.

We get in Karen's car and I tie up my black leather three
quarter length trench coat into a loose knot and buckle
up. Martika is in the back. It's only a short ride over to Toni's
house. We get there before 4pm.We go up to the door and I ring
his bell. Toni appears and asks us in. We exchange pleasantries
and settle down in his living room.

End Of Part 1


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infoseeker · 56-60, M
[c=008099]Very Interesting, good story![/c]
SammyJo · 51-55, F
[@1220232,infoseeker] Thank you!


infoseeker · 56-60, M
You're most Welcome...👍
Tastyfrzz · 56-60, M
Ya know, you could hang up the garters and just be a writer. It's just that messy matter of getting a publisher. I hadn't realized that the prostitutes are really like cops on the beat. You know the area and what's going on. Probably a lot better than the actual cops plus you know who the good and bad cops are.
Khenpal1 · 61-69, M
you can buy Experience Project book , maybe you are in the book ? Armen Berjikly publishes a book years ago.
SammyJo · 51-55, F
[@488261,Khenpal1] Really? Wow...Interesting!

SJD xx
Khenpal1 · 61-69, M
[@1146285,SammyJo] he took many stories from Experience Project and make into a book.

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