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What is it with society's obsession of romanticizing female trauma

No being in abusive relationships or having men objectify me sexualize me and assault me didn't empower me. It has caused so much pain that I carry with me everywhere I go and I always will. It wasnt my choice to be objected to all those things and it certainly isnt in my interest to feel empowered by those acts . So shut the fuck up
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CopperCicada · 51-55, M
I have to agree with you. It’s hard to find media that doesn’t fetishize the trauma of women sometimes. So pervasive...
helenS · 31-35, F
I do not think many romanticize violence against women. You may refer to BDSM couples perhaps, but that's a totally different story; it's between consenting adults. Sorry for the pain you feel and felt. 🌷
Xipooh · 26-30, M
What are some examples of romanticizing female trauma?. I actually watched someone's essay on romanticizing abuse in media this morning oddly enough.
Xipooh · 26-30, M
[@482591,CopperCicada] That's an interesting take. Perhaps when it is shown so often it's more telling of how it reflects the current reality that a lot of women already go through. I'm not sure if it's more so an expression than a perversion.

I don't necessarily agree 100% as conflict tends to be the drive behind most good narratives, and I don't think it's so much that we enjoy seeing it, I think often it's used because we find it emotionally engaging when we see it. It acts as a point to get us emotionally involved and it's usually because it's upsetting in our Western cultures. There is a certain vicariousness in our media culture that we can consider though.

That being said we are still in the echoes of a time where abuse was normalised, socially and legally accepted, and encouraged. It's difficult to see in a way because when you grow up around something you don't notice it so much. Maybe in 50 years time, people will look back at our society and criticise us for things we can't see right now.
Xipooh · 26-30, M
[@482591,CopperCicada] Also, I think your point about male abuse not being shown is relevant. It's still taboo in most if not every society to portray male weakness and vulnerability in such a way. I've seen it a little more in the last 10 years but it seems to be very slow.
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
[@877165,Xipooh] Well conflict needs a reason for it. I’m not sure the character development of a lead female character or the plot of a scene really need to show extended rape and DV scenes. Like GOT. The rape and torture of Sansa Stark was some sick soft porn shit.
JupiterDreams · 26-30
They romanticize everything, from trauma to suicide. I assume it's because they've never experienced it, or not to the extent others have... So they fill it with romanticism
Rabbitsnail · 56-60, C
It's part of our society's shallowness that everything becomes a trope and two of our favourites is 'overcoming' and that 'women are abused by men'

We have a hard time accepting 'shit happens' when it can't be cast into a redeeming narrative-ie we can't sit with suffering or as a group process and accept complexity eg, men can be abused

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