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I Know Tough Times Dont Last But Tough People Do

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For @Fungirlmmm's WRITER'S WEEKLY CHALLENGE - WEEK OF APRIL 11, 2019 - WEEK 12


its with lots of gnarly nothingness,
I slowly start to remember;
long dull pain,
aching anxiety
numbness nostalgia,
that filled me
all waking hours;
in nightmares too
all enthusiasm consumed,
like bare trees' tortured tangles,
interaction confused and un-satisfied,
stifled and barren,
wind whipped
and no bright apples,
bar one withered and bearing lonely worm,
slowly eating away
all the juicy tasty goodness.
But; guess what and fortunately - that's now long ago
and another spring did touch through that
and new growth did arrive,
slow but wiser rebirth,
my metamorphosis,
a burst of bright brash butterflies
and shift to happy happiness.

56-60, M
23 replies
Apr 11, 2019
This is rather good. As usual.
SailingSlow56-60, M
Thankyou 馃槉[@7789,Elandra77]
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BexEyes41-45, F
Great job!!!
BexEyes41-45, F
[@889210,SailingSlow] He cracks me up!
SailingSlow56-60, M
馃お - it shows - great entertainment though 馃槉
BexEyes41-45, F
[@889210,SailingSlow] I swear, it never occurred to me, how many people have to keep seeing the ridiculousness...I am DYING LAUGHING.
ChampagneOnIce46-50, F
New happiness after a dark time is quite wonderful, as is your poetry.
SailingSlow56-60, M
[@327203,ChampagneOnIce] thank you - it does surprise me where this challenge takes us each week - this week for me it was just back to a tougher time - but I have found that the hard times have made me stronger 馃憣
ChampagneOnIce46-50, F
[@889210,SailingSlow] I鈥檝e observed hard times make some stronger while others give in to being a victim or become bitter. I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 the former for you. They鈥檝e made me stronger too.
HeavenBesideYou51-55, F
I agree sometimes growth is painful, but it鈥檚 the happy times we hold dear in our hearts. 馃
SailingSlow56-60, M
[@41729,HeavenBesideYou] so true 鉁
HeavenBesideYou51-55, F
Really nice. But I鈥檓 not gnarly. 馃
SailingSlow56-60, M
Thank you - I鈥檓 sure you aren鈥檛- that鈥檚 the problem by me taking inspiration from several directions - to be honest I saw the butterflies and immediately thought Nothingness - 馃槅[@605647,Nothingness]
[@889210,SailingSlow] Aww. 馃槉

diablesse51-55, F
Very nicely done.
Fungirlmmm46-50, F
I see this as a rebirth. Beautiful.
Wonderful! Great writing!! 馃憤锔
FlyingHome46-50, F
Beautiful poem... I think you are going to fly high and far 鈽猴笍 馃
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I Know Tough Times Dont Last But Tough People Do
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