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I Had a Skunk Encounter
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Soaking in sweet skunky bliss.

I'm so very glad I won the coin toss tonight (for those new, I flip a coin 9 times and if a majority are heads it's a yes). I'd been aching, craving a good, old fashioned skunking, and I was feeling especially greedy tonight as I pedaled down to the lake. I planned to meet a good friend of mine there too, but unfortunately he came directly to the lake from his work so had his work uniform on and couldn't risk contaminating it at all. This meant as I chased each skunk he had to stand well clear to avoid any and all exposure, even by proxy, because even being close to someone who's sprayed can make the scent stick to clothing.

Regardless, I got some of the heaviest skunkings I've had in years tonight. It's positively streaking and splashed all across both of my arms, all along my face and neck, I look and smell absolutely divine (though some would say infernal given how sulfuric skunk is).

The first skunk I came across was when I was still in my clean clothing so I couldn't get tagged yet or risk ruining my favorite skunk-themed shirt and contaminating my bicycle (I'm actually worried I DID contaminate my bike regardless, I did after all have to touch it a lot to ride it home). I made a mental note to come back to the little stinker as it ran off into the woods. I caught up with my friend, locked up my bike and immediately headed out to the nearest porta-john to change into the skunked clothing. I would've gone inside but I noticed a lot of ants crawling around the toilet seat and certainly didn't want to get bitten, so I changed right outside of it instead.

Onward to the skunks! I headed out onto the golf course to seek my stinking and soon found a lovely specimen sniffing around near the road. I stalked carefully closer and closer before giving full chase, running the skunk in circles and getting blasted liberally for my efforts. I also ensured Penelope got repeatedly perfumed, throwing her at the skunk and turning her around when possible to get both stripes good and yellowed with fresh spray.

Once I felt I'd milked the first one enough, I went onward, only to double back a bit when a cop drove by and suddenly stopped (probably to just watch the general area, since he never got out or approached us). Just to play it safe we decided against heading toward the park patrol station. Despite our constantly talking, a beautiful bold-striped skunk, quite chubby at that so I suspect it was a mother, ran straight in my direction, but despite giving a decent chase, she had an easy escape through a drainage pipe once she got far enough away. I suspect this is partly because I'm too nice to the skunks to outright tackle them anymore, and clean tail-grabs are hard to come by.

Not to be discouraged, I headed back to the way I came in to the lake, East down the bike paths. Happily I saw another lovely bold-striped beauty, but just as I started after him the little stinker ducked into a pipe as well. I probably stayed after him for close to 15 minutes trying to coax him out of one side of the pipe or another, but once he found out I wasn't leaving anytime soon he stayed put in that pipe, almost as if to spite me. It saddens me to scare the little guys this much, I try to talk in soft friendly tones to them to see if I can reassure them in some way, but wild is wild I suppose.

At this point my friend Tom and I debated a little on if we should just call it a night (I had, after all, been liberally sprayed by the first skunk I chased) or if I should go after a few more. When I doubled back toward the East I wasn't disappointed. Another beautiful bold-striped stinker was sniffing for grubs in a nice wide-open field with nowhere to run or hide in reach. Again I stalked slowly toward the little stinkerbutt and this time shed off Penelope and my backpack, which were really only weighing me down and blowing my cover with all the noise backpacks make when you run with them. I charged the little stinker dead-on and got a nice heavy rain across my arms and face (and probably my pants, phew!). I got his tail and kept teasing the little guy trying to coax out as much of that beautiful perfume as I possibly could, tapping his rear gently and trying little goading moves like rolling him over with my foot, until I was pretty sure he wasn't going to spray anymore and finally released him. At this point my face was so heavily hit I couldn't tell if the wetness was from sweat or skunk until I began rubbing it in everywhere of course ;3

Ohhhh that tingling, that wonderful aroma just sooo potent in my nose and making me so very relaxed, and excited in all the right ways. It's an aromatic experience like no other, and as I basked and openly declared my love for the perfume poor Tom made a few more comments about how he'd love to hug me and share in the moment on my behalf (the smell "wasn't that bad" he remarked) but again, he was in clothing he couldn't risk ruining and may yet have been contaminated despite his best efforts. After that, and upon checking on the tube skunk finding he wasn't moving anywhere, I managed to rip an even bigger hole in the spraying pants, finally finishing them off. I'd be happy to sell them and my previous sprayed shirt to anyone that can pay the rather pricey shipping costs (Space Bags aren't cheap).

We went to get shakes at Whataburger afterward, and I let Tom do the ordering for me and loaned him my card for it while I stayed outside and stunk up the patio. They were delicious, but it started getting colder and windier outside and I knew a storm was on it's way by 7:30 a.m. so when my watch and phone said 5:45 I definitely wanted to call it a night. I'm glad I did, because it was already sprinkling a bit by the time I got home and now it's fully pouring rain as I type this.

My arms and face are so heavily streaked in beautiful yellow oil, and since the Otter Box my phone is encased in seems to have picked up the scent I think I'll take a couple of photos and see if they show anything (in my experience skunk blends just a little too well with my skin so you have to look closely for the yellow and orange splotches along the cheeks and between the hairs on my arm). I decided to show off Penelope for the experience pic since I know her white fur shows it off better than anything. It looks like I have a lot of photos to upload later, check this space because once I'm done enjoying myself I'll see about getting you guys pics of the freshly sprayed white polo shirt which is now heavily dotted in yellow perfume ;3
wow this is awesome to read as always. something similar happened to me an hour ago at the time of writing this. i was playing Dragonball Xenoverse. this game requires a lot of button mashing and since its april i havent yet put my AC in yet so it was fairly warm in my room. i was sweating like a werewolf. even though i bathe regularly i try to get off from using deoderants as much as possible so i was building up quite a stink if you can believe it. anyways back to the game. i was playing multiplayer and fighting with all my spirit. maybe perhaps too much of my spirit. half way through the battle i was sweating harder than ive ever sweat in my life. it started running down my arms and dripping off my elbow. after the match was over i took some big whiffs of my persperation and sighed contently. my armpits were drenched and stinking powerfully. the perfect end to a good day.

"we all live a life but only a few of us live, a modern life"
trust me. even at discreet levels my musk likes to announce its presence
Tybron · 36-40, M
I have similar issues with body odor in that it takes heavy showering to 100% kill my natural scents once they build up in my armpits, and I generally just end up doing a once-over on my armpits every morning with soap, then a mineral salt "natural deodorant" someone recommended on EP, then actual deodorant. That won't completely kill it by any means but it keeps it mostly manageable.
Tybron · 36-40, M
And if you're thinking "Well just shower" Guess what? I only take a full shower when I've been sprayed by a skunk or otherwise gotten myself remarkably dirty doing other kinky nasty things. Tonight marks my most recent shower but otherwise when people ask when I last showered I'd have to say "Look in the Skunk Encounter group for my last spraying...soooo November 16th?"

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I Had a Skunk Encounter
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