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I Have Both A Light And A Dark Side

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Apparently in my worlds I am holier than thou! And everyone around me is a sinner! When truth be told everyone around me is an extension of me. Like as if I have multiple personalities, or they are just my perception of that person based on years of ...
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36-40, F
4 replies
Aug 21, 2019
Damn straight. You do not nor do I want to see the Dark side...please don't test me or underestimate me. I hate that shit. I'm a healer, but I got the power to destroy you also
51-55, F
16 replies
Aug 3, 2018
I didn't want to post this under "I Love to Write" because it is very dark. I'm not one to write dark poetry lately, but I read a story that had me thinking of The Wasteland, and I was also thinking about some other dark works I...
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26-30, F
4 replies
Mar 7, 2016
Im..?... Sometimes I can be very mean, hurtful, spiteful, angry, annoying, obnoxious, dangerous and scary. The other times Im nice, sweet, gentle, kind, happy, supportive, reliable, responsible and all that other junk. Yeah.. T...
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22-25, F
0 replies
Jul 29, 2012
112 people say
I Have Both A Light And A Dark Side
Read true personal stories, chat & get advice, support and help from a group of people who all say I Have both a Light and a Dark side
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