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You can use the text editor to specify black text and it becomes almost invisible to people in dark mode 馃槅馃槅馃槅

The default text stays white [c=#000000]but not this text mweheheheh[/c]
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BlueVeins18-21, M
the funniest thing is that i can see it in the preview but not the actual post
adorbz22-25, F
[@4199,BlueVeins] you could hide stuff like this in a long post though 馃槅 it鈥檇 be completely pointless but it鈥檚 an option now 馃お
You just saved me from posting something dirty! 馃槅
[c=#666666]yup[/c][c=#000000]let's see[/c]

There is more here but it's not visible
xuxuguinhu931-35, T
that actually might com in handy xx
babydragon22-25, M
[c=#666666]does this blend better in the black?[/c] [c=#000000]or this?[/c]
adorbz22-25, F
[@881582,babydragon] [c=#004A59]i hoped the SW brand blue would blend in completely but no 馃槩[/c]
babydragon22-25, M
[@1027452,adorbz] [c=#004A59]think I will do all my replies in black text to mess with people[/c]
It does tho on the boards on the landing page 馃槈
hemlock22-25, F
Kimchigirl31-35, F
This is horrible
deadgerbil22-25, M
[@1201561,Kimchigirl] [c=#000000]I'll give you pineapple pizza[/c]
I know that you do.. 馃槒馃槈馃
It's our secret
Kimchigirl31-35, F
Your secrets are exposed hahahaha
deadgerbil22-25, M
[c=#000000]So adorbz[/c]
sarabee199526-30, F
[c=#000000]It figures you would find this![/c]
PhpPhoenix31-35, M
Yep, it would be nice if every option had a light and dark mode version so you'd actually pick two colors at once. It takes away a bit of creative freedom, but at least everyone could see your writing.
Should no longer be a problem :)

adorbz22-25, F
[@2,Nuno] nooooo this was the opposite of a problem 馃槶馃ぃ馃ぃ
And now it's gone 馃槄
SirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
[c=666666][c=800055]It does?[/c][/c]
adorbz22-25, F
[@356742,SirfurryanimalWales] it did but nuno yanked it away from us 馃槩
[@1027452,adorbz] No cheating us out of our dark mode!!! 馃槤
SirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
Should the whiteboard now be the blackboard?馃槄

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