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I Am Post Rock Follower

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"try something different.
surrender." - Rumi

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Jul 16, 2017
Edited: 1 yr ago
Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
A lot of acoustic guitar that reminded me of old Pink Floyd
Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
I was good until the last word.
Transcendent can be a very tricky word like progressive and experimental.
The latter two words were applied to groups like Yes and King Ceimson.
There are a lot of connotations associated with the term transcendent!
SW User

I'm not really familiar with those groups, and well, "transcendent" is just a personal descriptive of mine, I've heard other people use other words; heavenly, ethereal, wonderful, etc. The common denominator between all those is that - and I'm gonna use a really cheesy word here, don't hold it against me lol - the music is.. well.. magical. It lifts you up to new places, it gets you high. I understand that can be achieved with other genres for other people, but to me, only Post Rock gets me to this place of spiritual euphoria, and I dare say my opinion of this goes beyond being merely subjective, but that remains just an opinion about an opinion. :)
Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
[@522173,Nobody37] I can easily respect your subjective and objective reasoning used to process and enjoy a new music.
My musical taste that I had came from piggybacking off of Bowie from 1973 to the mid 80s. It made selecting to what I listened to rather easy.
Abbenthewolf · 13-15, M
it made me sleepy I haven't long woke up don't want to go back to sleep. And What does rumi has to do with it.
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I Am Post Rock Follower
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