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I Like Reading and Writing

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I had to type a poem for English class, unfortunately I’m not a very good writer. “The Americans Dream” was the topic, and our subject was on education within it.
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Apr 13, 2019
Edited: 6 mths ago
SW User
well done.
VictoriaR · F
[@917727,sereneshore292] Thank you, but I hardly think it’s well written.
VictoriaR · F
Forgot to mention t was not only an American poem, but also included other nations like Ukraine and Japan, if it wasn’t a bit clear...
ShadowOfMyself · 26-30, M
The American dream isn't as it seems. Everyone is striving, do you know what that means? Its pushing, and shoving, tearing at seams. To step forward you must step over broken bodies, broken dreams. In order to achieve, others must fail. Can you justify condemning to hell? Some born into riches, others born in jail. The American dream was set up to fail. Only the rich, and only the few, can live a dream most never knew. For the rest of us, we must work without breaks, just so uncle sam can reach in our pockets just to see what he can take. Education means little in the rat race since all they train you for is the factory floor. They teach you to follow orders. Sit down, don't move. The bell doesn't dismiss you, i do. You got 20 minutes to eat then back on your feet and don't do anything i don't tell you. Once you're on the scene, you'll see what i mean, you'll be working hard so your boss can live the dream

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I Like Reading and Writing
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I had to type a poem for English class, unfortun... | I Like Reading and Writing | Similar Worlds