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Why do things have to be so difficult!?

So my relationship is difficult at the best of times. But by and large in the last few months it has been working well. But something always happens that messes things up. Me and her have our own issues and she's pretty inflexible most of the time.
So anyway the other day we were having a discussion about her looking at hotels to book. The problem is she won't tell me if it's for us or just for her. I've told her if she goes away on her own and we are done so why won't she just clarify. It's making me anxious her putting that sort of problem on us. Worse still I'm already anxious over other things and she's just not helping.
For instance I've got my ex wife continually telling me to get our son to talk to her. But he doesn't want too and then she sends me emotional blackmail texts on the subject. So I'm getting fed up with that constantly.
Then my ex (not ex wife) serves a divorce petition asking me to pay for the divorce while calling me a wife beater which is completely in untrue. Luckily everyone I know disbelieves her including my current partner.
I feel anxious and yesterday it was affecting me physically. I just want clarity and all my ex's to go away.
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You seem to lead a very complicated life, due to all your females 馃榿
MadchesterMan46-50, M
[@561899,BalmyNites] It doesn't feel so complicated. I have a child with my first wife but not my second thankfully. My current partner can be a nightmare but also be nice too.
HurtMe51-55, M
This reads as if you are in with a great woman right now. This reads as if your baby mama could use some coaching on just how and what questions to ask her son. "Just how ugly have you been lately", or some such.
MadchesterMan46-50, M
[@1210035,HurtMe] the baby mama has been a terrible mother. If she asked him questions like a mother and not a 2 year old she might have a relationship with my son. Tbh she's not bothered to see him for more than 4 hours over the last 16 months. My son is 9 btw.
HurtMe51-55, M
[@509821,MadchesterMan] It's a good thing you are with your son then. Your son is at a prime age for knowing things around him. It will hurt some for him to talk about his mom but it is good to do that with him now rather than let him moil in it. 4 hours in 16 months, that really is likely to do some things to him. There really are a whole lot of terrible moms around any more.

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