I Hate My Ex
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Should I ruin her or just let it go

Today after being apart almost 2 years I received a petition for divorce from my second wife. Looking back I should never have been with her as we were just a bad mix and she was particularly manipulative, which I didn't realise until near the end.
She makes out she's a god loving woman but in this petition she is trying to ruin my name and reputation. Basically calling me a wife beater which I never was (I retaliated with a slap once against her continual slapping and punching of me over years). She made the same accusations against her children's dad too.
I have hard evidence that could ruin the stories she has written about me but although I've denied her allegations I won't defend the divorce as I want rid of her out of my life forever.
I do wonder though if I should make some of that evidence public and too go ahead and ruin her. I always knew in my mind someday something in that relationship would bite me so very paranoid I documented everything. Now I realise I was right to do that.
But how far would you go or would you just leave it and not give her any reaction?
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Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Few people in this life are worth mental anguish of ANY kind.

Sign the papers. Buy a bottle of something nice and share it with people WORTH your time.
MadchesterMan · 46-50, M
[@448576,Picklebobble2] sounds like sound advice. The sooner she is out of my life the better. She's been like a dark cloud for 2 years and once she's gone I never need to have anything to do with her ever again.
Becksta · 36-40
You're at the point now where you need to decide which matters more to you... Nickle and diming whatever bs she's put on the form or getting your wife out of your life for good.

As far as the divorce goes... do you really need to disclose the reasons why you were divorced at any time going forward??? If you do, then fight it - alternatively if you feel that you can live with it just to be free from her forever... then consider if it might be worth taking the accusations on the chin for the reward.

Dragging out the divorce and forcing her to resubmit the papers may not be to your advantage because she may ultimately petition to have you pay all the costs associated with it or start to make your life difficult in other ways. Odds are that she could be a narcissist, too... and she won't stop at just making your life a misery - it could affect your entire family and friends.

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