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I Am Demiromantic

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Or that what it seems to be. It does explain why I only fall in love with people I've actually known or people I've been friends with for years. Sometimes it can be kind of hard though, but I guess finding love takes more time, since it won't be easy finding a partner. But I guess me being demi romantic might also be why I seem to have such expectations/standards as well.
18-21, F
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Apr 10, 2018
BigBen · 56-60, M
Perhaps you need the comfort of knowing someone very well before your feelings bloom into something stronger. Less risk, maybe. It's rarely easy to find a partner in my experience. It takes time. Perhaps your preferences will lead to something more sustainable.
BigBen · 56-60, M
There a lot of lifetime ahead of you. Probably plenty more desires. Who knows? Could be the next one is amazing.
KandiGhostcat · 18-21, F
[@323826,BigBen] maybe. I haven't dated anyone at all. My crushes last 3-4 years or more, but that is only if I actually know them. Demi romantic is when a person can only develop romantic feelings/attraction to another if they have an emotional bond with said other. I don't know what "emotional" bond they mean, but I do know that it is a romantic orientation that's in the gray area. But being demi could mean different things to each person who considers themselves as such.
BigBen · 56-60, M
[@7585,KandiGhostcat] I understand what you mean by demi. Thus my mention of you having many years. We each find our connections in our own way. For what it's worth, meant things about a person, what they think and feel, seems to evolve during the years between teen and thirty. That is what I've seen and experienced. We're I you, I would find comfort in that. But, of course, I'm not you. All the same, I wish you well. There's no harm in being particular with who you wish to share your heart.
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I Am Demiromantic
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Or that what it seems to be. It does explain why I... | I Am Demiromantic | Similar Worlds