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I Am a G-string Girl

When I was twenty and living in Agrigento, Sicily with my sister and my boyfriend at the time, Stefano, I was asked to go to a party by his best friend Giulianu when Stefano was busy in his mixing booth and couldn't go.

It was a beach party and Stefano advised his friend to insist I wear something or I would turn up naked! I could see Giulianu's reaction to the idea, a disbelief, but he said nothing to me. I decided therefore to wear only a dark red cotton g-string! Not anything else, I neither carried anything like a wrap nor did I wear shoes!

Agrigento is primarily famous for the Valley of Temples, impressive remains of Greek Doric temples. Since 1997 these and other ancient sites in the locality have been included on the UNESCO world heritage list. The beaches are very fine, with a relatively gentle hinterland behind, but there are cliffs too along the stretch of them.I

I climbed onto the back of Giulianu's Vespa scooter and held onto his shorts waistband so I didn't call off! The seat was hot to sit on but once I was in position it was ok. I could see his disbelief at how I was dressed but I sensed he was very happy about it too! It was four kilometres along the coast from where we were living in the city.

We rode towards Sciacca, and close to the house where the party was based we found somewhere to park up in a little shade. No shoes on, Giulianu asked if I wanted him to carry me. I smiled and told him if I could ride on his shoulders i'd be happy! I knew he would be to!

There were quite a few people there already and they were variably dressed, bikinis, bermudas, swimsuits and Speedos. There were swimmers windsurfers and beach volleyball enthusiasts! I joined this latter group and I was happy playing in a mixed team. The game was great fun, every point avidly contested!

I enjoyed some light rosé wine sometimes topped up with mineral water, and there were various things to nibble on, including nuts and beans.

Giulianu stayed with me most of the time, and we were only apart when using the toilets! I was glad he stayed with me as there were lots of guys I didn't know kind of hovering around where most of the girls set up. He was good fun too, playful in a kind of interested way.

We left after about four hours and Stefano was still not about when we got back to our home.
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Feuerstern · 51-55, M
Sounds like a great experience.
UserNameSW · 46-50, M
Great adventure

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