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I See How Feminism Has Failed

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Empowerment 2016 馃槕
+ 12 96 replies 200 views Oct 29, 2016 |
Edited: 3 yrs ago
Goralski51-55, M
Trump supporters
Congratulations! You even managed to make this about Trump
SW User
slut on the right is totally bangable
SW User
@Goralski: don't forget the roofies. it's an irresistible combination!
Goralski51-55, M
Prefer coke that way both can share
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
@Goralski: lol ok so you are admitting you need alc to get a woman :P lol ok well whatever works for you :P seriously just joking
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
Slut is only a bad word if you let it be :P and it has nothing to do with feminism other than that feminists believe that women have the right to choose their own sexuality.. if they happen to be a bit slutty cool.. if they happen to be utterly pure and virginal, like myself :P then that's fine too..
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
@MartinTheFirst: lol you are a riot my delusional young associate.. so in addition to your mental health problems is paranoia and hearing voices one of them? What truth exactly do you refer to?? You didnt say? I think that's very telling don't u?
And the lesson here is..don't insult people you don't know just because they voice a different opinion.. cos some of them will bite back :P
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
@Adaydreambeliever: And you're a cuddly bear
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
@MartinTheFirst: why thank you Martin. that's soooo sweet of glad you recognise that
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
Hey!! Let them degrade themselves if they want to! oh.. shit!
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
They are not and have not degraded themselves.. it's only the perceptions of those who view it that see degradation.. and that's kinda their problem
I don't get it
SW User
I think you kind of missed the point entirely
SW User
@A7xqueen: *did*. *feeling's*
@Auberon89: mansplainer
HeyLookItsGemma26-30, F
Oh my god you cishet shitlord. How dare you mansplain feminism to a strong independent woman. Maybe you should go check your male privilege you massive misogynist....
SW User
Oh look. Two women who enjoy sex and wish to subvert a nasty gendered term. Grab your umbrella folks. The skies falling in :-)
@Faerylight: Yes, until I agree with you I'll always be missing something.
Rebeccasayer31-35, F
@Faerylight: she wants attention but she hasn't got tits like me so, there ain't no point 馃槒. She's a hypocrite and is jealous she gets no attention.
@Rebeccasayer: your obsession with me is strange.. do you want me to talk to you for a reason?
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
Just a look around will tell you we are better than some but still have a way to go.. many young people, and I mean NO insult in this, believe we have equality and so there is no need now for feminism.. that's partly why there is some movement against it..the other part of that is people who wish a return to the bad old days.. but that's a different subject..
RE the everyday sexism and discrimination we still encounter.. in a recent article in the Times we saw that we are still not there re equal pay.. have a long way to go.. and this covers cleaners, shop assistants, hairdressers etc.. so it's ordinary people.. we saw another news article saying that ASDA have opened the facility whereby women can now apply for equal pay, apply.. not automatically get.. they have to apply.. that's still good news but one wonders why it's taken so long. It also shows we are not there yet.. we dont have equality or anywhere near..
And when it comes to childcare, (and to a lesser degree housework) that's when it really gets unequal.. even when a woman returns to work she is faces with problems that she hadn't anticipated.. and its then the inequality really shows.. take for example... a manager.. has a baby wants to return... ahh but she finds that even tho her and her husband both MADE the baby.. HE expects that SHE will do all the raising, all the getting the baby ready before work... she will do all the running around to nursery and childcare.. and when the baby is sick SHE is expected to be the one who stays home to look after it..and so her position as manager becomes untenable.. or difficult at very least. but when you think about it why should this be.. they both made the baby.. it wasnt her on her own.. why should HER career suffer? FOr sure some women are happy to stay home look after kids.. nothing wrong with that.. but its almost no choice cos the reality is it's too hard and most of the child care falls to the woman.. and if she stays home what then? taking time out from her career and the continuing majority of childcare fallign to her tends to mean she has no choice but a part time low paid job.. .these are the realities.. and not the only ones... we still have a way to go..
There's a lot of myth about.. and some have been fed the line that feminists are anti men.. they arent... it's about workign together and fairness
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
So...they aim to empower women by slut shaming themselves?
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
@A7xqueen: *Sigh* I don't even think many feminists know what feminism even is, I'm in a "Discussion" with a couple and they don't seem like they even know xD
@Fangirlsarah1996: lolz they look at feminism in the 1950's and pretend it's the same as today.
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
@A7xqueen: Exactly ;)
Fredbloggs26-30, M
Doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen.

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I See How Feminism Has Failed
Feminists Do Not Want Equality - They Want Power Through Special Treatment
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