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I hope you find some humor or at least some mild entertainment from it. I hope you at least find it worth reading once. Feel free to correct what you

.Feel free to tell me what you think should be corrected or altered creatively for effect. Could you do me one small favor, and [b]not [/b]tell me " TLDR" That would just hurt my poe widdle fee fee's. However, if you have some [b]clever flame to burn me with[/b], that's fine with me. I appreciate clever derision I worked real hard on it in darkness. Some of you that I have crossed swords with, and think me an arrogant and flippant counter revolutionary, might enjoy [i]the insincerity of the mildly self deprecating tone[/i]. Please point out any corrections or improvements you might suggest. It's rather odd, I can type just fine while not looking at the screen, but I'm having a hell of a time typing in the dark.......

Any tactical endeavor to correct our errant civil servants other than the police and military forming multiple well organized and structured alliances with civilians assisting with second, and third echelon 'non combatant' duties, record keeping, management, and logistics; [b] would be foolish and tragic[/b]. In fact it would be best if civilians set it out altogether and prepared for the potential possibility that [u]the temporary dictator that always follows a coup,[/u] might be hesitant to relinquish his position, It happens.
[b][c=#BF0000]I still want to believe that prayer is the most effective thing we have at our disposal. [/c][/b]If only there was some peaceful way to show the radical left [b][i]how many we are, and how we feel about what they are trying to do to our country.[/i][/b] Biden is re-unifying the [u]worst street and drug gangs this country has ever had[/u], and he is making it[i] possible for the cartels to set up right here in the USA.[/i] I believe it is very possible, that in the future, cartels will corner the[i] human trafficking[/i] and[i] snuff flick [/i]market here in the states, and [u] deviants will be able to buy a child,[/u] like an addict can buy a dime bag, or a snuff flick like an eight ball. Sadly enough,[u] this country has an appetite for the most horrible things imaginable[/u] and the further we drift from the concept of [b]an objective [c=#003BB2]evil[/c] and [c=#BF0000]good[/c].[/b] The worse our ugly [i]collective appetite [/i]will become.
Biden and the radical left, with their ideas about immigration, and their insightfully lacking destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs.....maybe millions, before it's all over; ......................these hastily discarded jobs may very well cause the homeless population to at least double, increase violent and *property crime, (property crime is [u]already at the least 60% higher in sanctuary cities than the national average[/u].) and cause all kinds of hard drugs to flood the streets. Fentanyl [b]is[/b], and [b]will be [/b]taking lot of good people down who have [c=#BF0000]simply been driven to the black market for pain relief,[/c] because of [b][c=#BF0000]the [b][c=#BF0000]over-kill [/c][/b]in response to the Opioid epidemic[/c][/b]
[b][u]I hope and pray, that I end up looking like a total idiot,[/u][/b] a[u][/u]nd a [u]new[/u] and prosperous age of clean sustainable renewable energy, technology, and thorough, honest, and[u] technologica[u][/u]lly relevant education[/u], and everyone who wants to, can go to work, and the wages will supposedly 'far exceed' the amount needed for [u]rent or mortgage, groceries, light bill, Car payment, insurance, credit card, clothing, general upkeep, and entertainment & leisure.[/u]
I hope our education catches up with the lik[u][/u]es of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, and [c=#359E00]children will be taught how to learn[/c]. [b]Children[c=#BF0000] must[/c] be taught how to learn.[/b] Okay, how about , we 'catch up with', or maybe, even be listed[i] above[/i] any country in Europe, Asia, and parts of South America, Africa, and Oceania. I hope all the cartels Have a mass spiritual awakening, and they devote their lives to helping others. I hope the same for florenZa 13, MS13, Brown pride etc etc....... I hope every minority, and marginalized person finds reasons to be extremely grateful to have citizenship in the United States, and [u]whatever bitterness and disillusionment there may be can become hope and enthusiastic determination. [/u], [u]but there [b]must[/b] be a culturally, and racially diverse 'influence' and support system[b][c=#BF0000]. If the proximity of others of a different race or ethnic group makes you nervous or uncomfortable, you'd better spend a hell of a lot more time being nervous and uncomfortable, or drop all the way off the grid all by your lonesome! It's important. If you can get a blood transfusion from him, or give him your blood then is the utmost pinnacle of stupidity to fear someone who has more or less melanin in their skin than you, or perhaps a different facial structure......[/c][/b][/u] I insist that[c=#BF0080] women[/c] get p[i]aid every red cent a man does[i] in every form of gainful employment[/i]. [/i][u]I pray that the US quality of life becomes so fantastic, that [i]non emergency abortions[/i] are unheard of[/u], and both parents are excitedly anticipating watching their child grow and learn and be whatever is on their hearts to be. I hope ,with all my being, that each and every citizen in this country, by some miracle, becomes [u]wholesomely proud[/u] of their God, Family, neighbors, country, state, county, town, street and home because this can be a first step in spreading an epidemic of selflessness, consideration-([b][c=#BF0000]consideration entails the attributes of chivalry and etiquette as well[/c][/b])., honor,([b][c=#BF0000]Honor entails loyalty, honesty, self sacrifice, humility, mercy, and courage[/c][/b]) and integrity, tolerance, a strong work ethic, and being generally friendly and naturally helpful. Let's return to the tried and true traditions and values of this great country, because we now have knowledge and the sense of justice and compassion to refine the metal of our integrity. A work ethic, respect, chivalry, self reliance, discipline responsibility, accountability, patience, compassion, courage, loyalty, a moral compass, faith, wholesome pride tempered by sincere humility. Well it's a long list, but I am just trying to say that these things have never stood in the way of progress and technological advancement and they have never cheated the scales of justice
I hope we move ahead in [u]peace, prosperity, and complete *selfless altruism. I[/u] would hang my head low, and never sully this forum again with my [b]melodramatic negativity[/b] and [c=#1F5E00]cyber -halitosis.[/c] I would hypothetically leave and never return. I might speculatively rejoice, in due time, with my fellow citizens for the hope contained [b]in[/b], and born[b] of[/b] this, theoretical new chapter for this great nation, and for [u]the potential peace, possible prosperity, hypothetical hope, and an allegedly amazing vision ,[/u] [b]through[/b], what might be [u]non biased, and vastly improved education and higher education [[i][/i]/u]that the democrats might facilitate with speculation, experimentation through application, controls and variations, and research. As I have said, I emphatically believe that children should be first be taught to learn, [i]and then [b]creatively and constructively, engaged and conditioned to love learning[/i][/b]
[i]Through the Inventive innovation, and creativity of brilliant men and women [/i][i]I foresee the development of various 'smart devices' in the not too distant future that, would not only [u]simplify,[/u]and be greatly conducive[u] to,[/u] the harnessing of huge amounts of clean, sustainable, and utterly inexhaustible energy. An oversimplified description would be five individual components that work individually, or in a series, depending on the medium of the potential, or whether the potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy through a single component, or a series of components, depending on the intensity and atomic structure of the energy source. Basically it is an extremely primitive prototype of the fictionally theorized replicator of Star Trek fame. Deconstructing and restructuring mass in whatever state it is; first on an atomic, and then on a molecular level. Oddly enough, it will have been advanced research into abiogenesis under controlled conditions that led to the theorization, design, and eventual fabrication of the very first theoretically functional "smart component" Just leave it to the quantum mechanics nerds.
Best of all, these devices could possibly be in such great demand all over the world, that the export and domestic sales of these 'smart components' could possibly pay for the comfortable and healthy upkeep of the physically challenged, or those too elderly to work, as well as subsidizing the higher education of those who show aptitude in specific areas.
.[/i].[i]This bright and glorious future could, just possibly, by chance, fill the cruelest, most heartless, most narcissistic, manipulative, deviant, perverse, and negatively hedonistic miscreants with so much vision, hope, and excitement, with no limitations or deadlines, that [/i][b][c=#BF0000]their whole outlook on life might change,[/c][/b] and the resulting times of introspection might warm their hearts [i]causing them to want to make amends to each and every person they had wronged, as well as society itself. This awfully grandiose speculation and idealism on my part, but I'm inclined to believe that after necessity is the mother of invention, invention can be the mother of collective or individual growth and progress. [/i]Of c0urse, China and Russia, and the most resentful of all Muslim countries, could [i[c=#BF prospectively, possibly , perchance [/c][/i]be deeply moved by our vast achievements, and our non judgmental gentle prompts to ease humanity into a potentially unconditional and hopefully[i] non-selfish love [/i]towards all of God's amazing and diverse creatures.
[u]Who would have ever thought that ,eventually, that little spark of incredible 'over reach', 'overkill', and 'over zealous over dramatics', plus 'hyperbolic hyperbole' aggravated by 'redundant redundancy'; not to mention, the brutal attack on the first amendment, and an actual attempt at an unprecedented [b]'retroactive' impeachment![/b] These petty annoyances, and major malfeasances, will have been the special touches needed to shock conservatives speechless[b][c=#BF0000], To give this very uncharismatic, lethargic, and practically pulseless president a miraculous and serendipitous chance to 'rapid fire' a fateful series of strategically, socially, economically disastrous, and brutally divisive policy changes and tweaks that just might miraculously bring about a George Jetson Camelot? [/c][/b][/u]Who would ever guess that humble Joe could potentially be the [i]catalyst of change[/i] to introduce [i]an exciting and inspirational technical utopia,[/i] the likes of which have not been seen , and just [b][c=#BF0000]might not ever be seen?[/c][/b] Feasibly, China might get on board and focus more on [i]comfort[/i], than [i]combat,[/i] [b][u]jubilation over jihad, hope over hate, celebration over cynicism . [b][c=#003BB2]Alliteration over anhedonia. Magnificence over mediocrity. Eggs over easy, bend over now. Get over it. Long over due.
[b][c=#BF0000]This took me a long time because I wanted to intentionally have the phraseology hypothetical, and express a potential outcome rather than a concrete determination of an outcome. Feel free to correct accidental repetitions, errors in spelling or grammar or punctuation. (of course I might pull the Samuel Clemmons clause on ya!) Then again you might say, "I ain't got no time to read all this shit! Besides, it was written by that gun toting , bible thumping, ignorant, uneducated, radical reactionary redneck, and hydroponic Hillbilly honing his Homeric histrionics & hellacious hubris while habitually hating humanity. Insecure asshole appropriately ad[i][/i]dicted to anomalous and arrogant exaggerated grandiose animation and endless alliteration.
* also wrote this in darkness so I now have a horrendous headache from Hades
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lovelywarpedlemon · 26-30, F
i recognize the humanity in others -- i recognize the indoctrination & fear-mongering of americans who have good in their hearts but hate in their mouths, regardless of party. i hear you, of the challenges we all face, of your compassion for others... until you lose me in the constant parroting of the same ideas which only set to divide.

your worst fears are not of what biden is doing, but the reality & truths you are unable to face, and especially the damage caused by living in constant fear & denial.

let's face it together. no 1 person is to blame for the destruction of the world. no 1 person is able to find the solution alone. we must work together.

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