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What do u think about the whole current UFO/UAPs situation/topic?

Crazy times we live in now that more Governments,NASA etc are actually acknowledging publicly that these things do in fact exist and are real. 馃浉馃懢馃懡
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SinlessOnslaughtM Best Comment
Two thoughts.

1. It's a great example of how sheeple-ish people are. Before, the government said "UFO's don't exist" so society called UFO witnesses crazy. Now, the government says "Okay we admit they exist" so it's become socially acceptable to see UFO's since the government said so. 馃檮

2. I'm fucking terrified of these things and their implications.

Picklebobble256-60, M
Does anyone really care ?

Doesn鈥檛 cost the government anything to dictate yet another line of misdirection they鈥檒l happily lead folk on.

The only question really is [i]why ?[/i] and [i]why now ?[/i]

As a grumpy middle-aged cynical man I鈥檓 bound to think that governments never admit to anything !
And if they feel the need to do this, chances are it鈥檚 to help cover up greater sins they don鈥檛 want you knowing about !
Talesfromthedarkside26-30, M
[@448576,Picklebobble2] Good points
Governments feel their power is beginning to slip. Fear is a great motivator for subservience. The best fear is fear of the unknown and/or the other-worldly. 鈥淵es we acknowledge they exist. No we have no idea what their motivations are. But we have guns. BIG guns. Pay more taxes or else they鈥檙e gonna get ya!鈥
Asmae31-35, F
I believe that UFOs exist. I saw two shiny bluish/greenish lights in the night sky on the beach. They moved horizontally in high speed then disappeared all of a sudden. This was about 15 years ago. I am still not sure what it was. Not saying they were aliens or anything. By definition a UFO is an unidentified flying object and I couldn鈥檛 identify what I saw. My sister was there too so I wasn鈥檛 hallucinating. Lolz
Well UFOs definately exist, people see them every day. Flying space crafts and aliens exist too and yeah the government knows about it, in fact some 'humans' in high places are not human at all
Demons exist
RedPowerRanger31-35, M
What? No scientific talking points to explain away UFO sightings?
[@1100934,RedPowerRanger] It鈥檚 swamp gas causing light refraction from the planet Venus being witnessed by women sharing a similar menstrual cycle. 馃槅

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