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I Love My Hairstyle

Okay so here it is
. I have been blonde since about 17 but I have made a change and i like it. What do you all think or so you prefer me blonde?
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
Having looked at one of your Blonde photos, I would say this style is so wonderful for you, in my view. It emphasises your beauty rather than washing it away with the blonde. Have you kept it?
Eric24ejt · 36-40, M
Absolutely STUNNING
Are you Carrie Underwood’s sister?
JP7777 · 22-25, M
So beautiful. Those eyes are amazing
nice hair and very lovely
Tanoos · 41-45, F
I like your necklace
FootL00se · 46-50, M
I love seeing you in this outfit, and your eyes come out so beautifully. I'd kiss you so passionately as I undress you and spread out your legs to make love to you. Your body is a sensual garden, providing the most beautiful of pleasures
Stunning xx
Gentlemickey · 70-79, M
I love the color, and I love the style, and I love the face that it's framing... You are a very pretty young lady !! 🤗
silkandlace · 41-45, M
@Gentlemickey very pretty!!
Gentlemickey · 70-79, M
@silkandlace I wanted it to be a compliment and not flirting... But ok... very very pretty !! 💗
Allthingscurious · 41-45, M
This is perfect. It’s got the best of everything. The color is perfect for your complexion and the length and curl is just right.
Myself11 · 61-69, M
That hair style is you very good choice you look fantastic
Bethuk · 26-30, F
@Myself11 thanks
Myself11 · 61-69, M
@Bethuk you are very welcome
Gorgeous. You're very beautiful and the hair suits you extremely well
Kazuya69 · 31-35, M
Looks good, but you be interesting to see you with black hair...
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
What a great photo and those teasing lips and tongue. Well modelled!
Mr7inch · 31-35, M
You're a seductive beauty either way
justusat · 46-50, M
Wow independent of hair colour you look great :-)
Gstringlvr71 · 61-69, M
Perfect ass wow I am sooooo hard thanks
Livingwell · 61-69, M
i think you look beautiful! Love the longer hair.
TheotherAndy · 41-45, M
Dear lord, you are stunning
LondonCowboy · 51-55, M
I like it Darker now young Beth 😎😘
Snyderp69 · 56-60, M
I love it. Very sophisticated. Sexy.
Cyberax · 41-45, M
Absolutely stunning!!
Bethuk · 26-30, F
@Cyberax thanks x
Cassandra1 · 36-40, T
Very sexy. Love the strapless top
Gstringlvr71 · 61-69, M
Your adorable. Any hair color
gardeningsara · 56-60, F
lovely, suits you
This message was deleted by its author.
Skilllickous · 51-55, M
Yes blonde 👌🏼👌🏼
Keraunos · 36-40, M
Is that supposed to be [i]not[/i] blonde? I don't know the first thing about hair-coloring, but that looks very blonde to me. I cannot see it as anything else.
xSharp · 31-35, M
@Keraunos its dirty blonde, so yeah still blonde imo
countryxboy150 · 36-40, M
The drapes should match the carpet. :)
Montanaman · M
@countryxboy150 please show some respect,😔
LondonCowboy · 51-55, M
@Montanaman We were only talking about how Beth carpets her Apartment 😉
Montanaman · M
TheGoodGuy · M
I don't know what you look like blonde but in this pic you look frickin' secksy! 👌
Rutterman · 46-50, M
Looks nice. Haven't seen you with blonde hair, though. You're very pretty, btw.
turbineman40 · 80-89, M
I like the blending in of blonde with lighting streaks
LondonCowboy · 51-55, M
I prefer you Blonde but you still look Beautiful ❤️
Bethuk · 26-30, F
@LondonCowboy okay thanks
you always look good no matter what colour your hair is
Sujeet · 26-30, M
Actually now it's looking good and it suits you
Khenpal1 · M
you look better now than while blonde
Love the hair...but not looking at the hair. 😈
MICK777 · 61-69, M
Looking Gorgeous Beth 😘
Bethuk · 26-30, F
@MICK777 thanks
MICK777 · 61-69, M
@Bethuk No... thankyou Beth i really like your pics😊
Petermatureuk3 · 56-60, M
I prefer you juat the way you are..stunning!!
lascruces1971 · 51-55, M
You look absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful
Livingwell · 61-69, M
Good afternoon pretty lady.
Amazing. Really suits you
NoYou · 26-30, M
You’d look good in any color tbh
deviant83 · 36-40, M
You are absolutely stunning 😍
mountainman1234 · 70-79, M
Makes your eyes sparkle ,,,
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Chrissquish · 22-25, M
Wow! That looks really nice.
JimboUk · 31-35, M
So do I 😉
Bethuk · 26-30, F
@JimboUk so do you what hun
JimboUk · 31-35, M
@Bethuk Like your hair style. Those eyes and that smile too but it's a long story 😏 one I wouldn't mind sharing with you 😉
Bethuk · 26-30, F
@JimboUk sure
braveheart21 · 61-69, M
Beth you look amazing ...stunning
Gorgeous, very very pretty
RemovedUsername608042 · 36-40, M
Really suits you. Very nice

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