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I Have a Pet Who Keeps Me Sane

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Gracie... Well she keeps me sane and keeps me company. She's got her habits and quirks. We used to go for super long walks together before we moved. I had a large house with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a lovely wooded green belt . She would sit on top of the couch and look out the window most of the day until the kids came home. After I sold the house I started moving furniture immediately. I only had two weeks to move everything by myself and I was an emotional mess. Gracie would follow me around and lay next to me on the rare occasion I was sitting still. After the couch moved ,I couldn't tell you when she noticed exactly but the next morning I opened the blinds as usual and before long I noticed her laying on the floor in the exact spot where she would've been on the couch. I'm adjusting to my new place which is free, so free is good. I have good friends. When I was taking my final load of stuff to my new place it was just me and Gracie. I cried the whole way there. After unlocking the gate and letting her inside she took a quick look around ,found the couch , and planted herself in her spot on top. The view is much different but it doesn't matter to her. I haven't adjusted as quickly as Gracie has but I'm getting there. ( I guess I should say that Gracie is a Schnauzer , she's 6 years old, the best dog ever, and I might be delusional but she's immortal. The Immortal Schnauzer. )
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Aug 2, 2012
the view that matters is the view of her best friend and beloved master~
ijustneed2talk · 46-50, F
You are fast! Thanks for reading
Im at the start of the same journey. My partner has left and i am now having to move out. My little mia. (Yorkshire terrier x chihuahua) keeps me from totally loosing it as they have needs you must tend to. They truly are a man/womens best friend. I hops you settle in your new home. X

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I Have a Pet Who Keeps Me Sane
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