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I Like To Step On Bugs

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I honestly think there's way too many critters around my house. Every night when coming down to get a drink at midnight, I would occasionally spot at least ten cockroaches minding their business on the floor. So I would wear my indoor boots so that I can squash them without feeling their carcass being smushed or having to clean my feet of bug guts. The crushing became a nightly thing that my boots began to have brown gack stuck and was forced to clean them.

The last time I've washed my bug-crushed boots was terrible, all the gunk was stuck up in the boot's crevices, and there were bug parts around the side of my boots. It was disgusting, but at least I have bugs to crush every nighttime.
18-21, M
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Oct 30, 2016
LiMustache · 36-40
I think you're creepy af FYI
Children4Life · 18-21, M
Thanks... Im just that way

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I Like To Step On Bugs
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I honestly think there's way too many critter... | I Like To Step On Bugs | Similar Worlds