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Sometimes I feel so alone and friendless at work. I have good friends in my private life, but at work I just don't have so much in common with the people I work with and I find it hard to mix with them. It is like they get in little groups and have private conversations and don't include me, and I also get left out of email loops. I work in a small team and it is the girl who sits next to me who I find most difficult. If I talk to her, she will answer me as minimally as possible, and she is never chatty and inclusive the way she is with the others. Does anyone else experience this sort of thing and how do you deal with it?
51-55, F
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Jun 18, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
yup i did cause most of the people at work had image of me as some kind of introvert ,quite, serious guy because of which they didn't talk much with me .. But after sometime when they got to know me they were so much surprised .. they told me about it after we mixed up good ... i was surprised lol
Moonstar14 · 51-55, F
Calmsoul, did you do much to bring about the change?
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
Naahhhh definitely not cause even if they didn't talk with me that never affected me cause i know myself , i know i am already awesome so why change just to show that to a bunch of people ..😏
Moonstar14 · 51-55, F
I wish I had the same kind of confidence in myself, but when people exclude me I feel isolated and depressed.
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
ahh everyone is confident should not worry much about them ... everyone is awesome in his own kind ...
Moonstar14 · 51-55, F
Awwww... that is nice of you to say. I find it hard to rise above it when I feel I am with people who don't like me that much; I become introverted.
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
i UNDERSTAND that cause i have been that way when i was in school ... but trust me we are all very interesting personalities ... i have never found a boring human in my life ... we all have something interesting to say
Moonstar14 · 51-55, F one of those things that is hard to address though; like you say, it's a bit like being not part of the cool clique at school. You think you grow older and leave school and that will be it, you will never have these sorts of problems again. lol If only!!
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
yeah kind of that ... but the whole point being never change yourself for anyone
Flipper111 · 46-50, M
Tough one.

Need to think.

At least private life is full of friends - glad to hear.

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