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Do jails or prisons ever really bring us justice

We still have the problem of armed and dangerous police. We need to talk about changing what we fund.
bijouxbroussard · F Best Comment
We definitely need to change the culture around law enforcement. We have to start by acknowledging that people are not treated equitably in terms of who is profiled to begin with, nor are the charges and the penalties applied equally.

zeeva70 · F
Absolutely. I'm constantly scared that a crazy cop will hurt my beautiful 19 year old black daughter. Same for my brothers and uncles but mainly for my daughter.

In the US, prisons were (still are) built to support entire industries and communities. Free labor benefits corporate America, government, and shareholders. Prisons are primarily built in rural white communities to support their local economy. The school to prison pipeline ensures that primarily black and brown bodies fill the cells later. After someone is a convicted felon, they often lose their right to vote.
Pdad49 · M
[@335166,zeeva70] have your daughter go to the military. When she gets out the government will pay her to go to school! Then she can become a police woman and see what it is like on a day to day basis!
Pdad49 · M
The police are the only thing keeping your daughter from getting shot! Check out Chicago, New Your or StLouis and see how many are shot and killed every week!
MethDozer · M
There's a need and a proper use for them in a certain capacity. However they aren't just the solution for every and any crime. Pointlessly criminalized crimes of vice for one.

They should be mostly reserved for hardened thieves and highly violent offenses. People and crimes that are beyond reform. With smaller separate containment for lower level technicality crimes that works towards non reoffending.
.. I like what the psalmist says " those who seek a dispute with you by creating law"

A careful examination of the bill of rights and the founding fathers of a free country's thought " all men are created equal"

I would have to ask this, if someone has authority over you, in which way can that be esteemed as equality?
Best answer [@1194900,MysteriousMan]
[@1194900,MysteriousMan] a lot of people disagree with this opinion but it is the harsh truth
Pdad49 · M
Are you crazy? They are the only ones protecting your butt! Get a job and earn what you get instead of expecting others to take care of you!🤬
Emortal · M
I actually think we give them more money, but raise the bar when it comes to hiring and training.
Penny · F
are you suggesting defunding the police?
Stopmakingsense · 56-60, F
[@533101,Penny] yes, seems obvious- and the military.
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
You seem to be exaggerating.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Must be difficult being you.
This message was deleted by its author.
BlueVeins · 22-25
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] based

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