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I Need Medical Advice
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Have you ever met a hypersensitive nurse?

Put this in the medical section hoping out of an unpleasant situation someone will have food for thought and maybe put themselves in the "patients" shoes. You're not perfect, hope you know that too.

Because of a health issue I have 4 doctors and always have at least 2 appointments a month, this month I have an entire week of appointments at the end of the month and then the following week I will get blood drawn. Just saying to give you an idea of how PRODDED I feel. I have nothing against my doctors but when they all have different treatment ideas, mediating all of it is stressful.

So I went for a long walk today, when I go for long walks collectively I go 10 miles but at this point I was at 7. I went to the downtown of my city which I usually do on these long walks go get air conditioning and refreshments, and hop on the train a bit refreshed.

So I'm just getting to the downtown where the trains are and this nurse woman comes out of a building and walks down the same direction I'm going, but ahead of me. At this point (btw I'm visibily obese) my feet are very tired and I'm inching my way to the store for Gatorade. She turns around and looks at me then looks forward and shakes her head. So I thought she didn't like that I wasn't wearing a mask, it was on my chin so I put it on. Then she turned around and looked at me even more angrily and stormed up to a sidewalk stand that was there. It was then I realized she thought I was avoiding her because she thought that I thought she had Covid or something, and ITS JUST THAT I WAS FAT AND TIRED AND WALKING SLOW. I GET SO FUCKING MAD WHEN MEDICAL PEOPLE DO SHIT LIKE THIS BECAUSE IM ALWAYS BEING TOLD BY THE SAME PEOPLE NOT TO ASSUME SHIT, YOU CANT READ MY THOUGHTS BITCH.

So I walked a bit more ahead, took my phone out, and just leaned against a building, knowing that I was on one of the most heavily surveillaed streets in the US, which was fine, please give me a reason to sue I'd give half the money to charity and buy a timeshare. I was showing with my body language that I wasn't afraid of being confronted. She went back in the opposite direction, and I have no regrets.
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try not to take it so personally. It just sounds like a mutual misunderstanding 馃檪
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] Yeah that makes sense. I know what it is now though. There used to be a different woman who lived in my area who I ducked when I saw her driving recklessly and rolled down her window to express road rage at me, I just told her im startled easily. Then saw her throwing a fit at Dunkin but the workers said to each other she isn't friendly but they were surprised because they never saw someone like that, which made me wonder if it was because she saw me. The last time I ran into her she was wearing a nurses uniform, she claimed I almost walked into her by the mall and started arguing with me (wouldn't put it past her to sneak up on me just to do this) she lectured me about wearing masks and I explained the CDC allows people with a cognitive issue to not wear them as there is a risk of suffocation. Then as I explained that I realized it was her. I'm a bisexual man and this girl has a thing for me, it is the only reason to be pulling these things, but she was too aggressive. Would I like to be sexually dominated by a woman, and emotionally have I, yes to both. But there is a time and place. I was afraid to be with this woman in public, so despite me being addicted to online dating and having an organic situation present itself, with yes someone very attractive she does look great, I had to say no. At the point where she was in nursing uniform I took out my phone and calmly said 'I will not defame you or put you online, but if you don't leave me alone I will start recording and go to the police because you're scaring me'. She ran really fast and I haven't seen her since, maybe she moved. But yeah the situation today reminded me of all this. I have mental illness and I can relate to the first one a bit because I think she is so afraid of being rejected for being crazy that she let's too much come out. My problem is people break up with me when they hear I'm Schizophrenic.
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