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I Am a Hard Worker

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i work as a builder/construction/labourer & my work can be very hard sometimes....& i aint getting any younger,know what i mean..mmmm
46-50, M
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Nov 19, 2016
Thegreateast · 26-30, M
I nv wanted to get into construction because of the toll it take on ur body... I dont want to be falling apart at 50.

I'm jealous of the money though.... and respect the hard work that goes into it
Thegreateast · 26-30, M
I got two uncles who r master carpenters, and the older of the two just gave up his company after getting a job as a foreman.. he would have entire weeks where he was useless because parts of his body wouldn't work right... the younger brother isn't too far behind...

They will both need a couple surgies on their legs and hips to keep them going soon..

It's hard work. I couldn't give my body up for a job like they did
clayanthony · 46-50, M
@Thegreateast: its certainly not natural in any way to get paid to break yourself....when i actually think about it it's kind of ridiculous
Thegreateast · 26-30, M
There is a certain level of productivity that belongs solely to that trade though... a certain level of pride can come with it..

Really a hundred years ago it was much worse, but life expectancy wasny long enough for many of these conditions to become a factor.

We can only hope we figure out better ways to do these jobs so people don't have to continue to break themselves to do it.

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I Am a Hard Worker
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