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I Have a Dark Side

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My co-worker, sitting at the workstation next to me has been relentlessly tapping her foot for the last five hours. One might venture to wonder if she was politely asked to stop, and she has been on multiple occasions. But this, individual, does not seem to possess the understanding or compassion that most people inherently possess. The dissonant tapping is slowly dissolving the locks and chains keeping the Beast within at bay. Almost mockingly the incessant tapping continues as if blatantly begging to be challenged.
I've quite fondly envisioned nailing her foot to the floor, and reveling in her screams of agony to bring respite to the torment I have endured these past five hours.
41-45, M
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Feb 4, 2015
Your mind works in wonderful ways!
DarkestDespair · 41-45, M
I'm not so sure that "wonderful" is entirely accurate ;) Perhaps demented or depraved through coerced attrition.
she may have adhd or something & didn't realise she's doing it. Get her a stress ball or an exercise ball to sit on & it might distract her tension
dude, you gotta man up and just tell her its annoying and ask her to stop. It's the right thing to do
DarkestDespair · 41-45, M
That's the thing. I have, several times in fact. It's like she just doesn't care.
Then talk to your boss about the situation. she may be trying to intentionally get on your nerves. And if that doesn't work, i know a guy that will make her stop. Permanently. It's always good to have friends in low places :)
step in her foot as hard as you can & make it look like an
I'll bring the hammer and red hot nails.!!!!
She needs a red hot sore ASS..... I bet her FOOT will be still THEN.!
DarkestDespair · 41-45, M
Update: She no longer works here! She's someone else's problem now ;)

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I Have a Dark Side
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