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I Have a Dark Side

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Sometimes when my stress has crossed its threshold, and my rage is at its zenith; I having this overwhelming urge to play stud finder by slamming my head into walls, and hoping that I win.
41-45, M
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Feb 13, 2014
I understand the kind of things your going through and im sure they are taking thier toll but i have found that a hobbie really helps me take my mind of the stuff that bothers me
DarkestDespair · 41-45, M
I have hobbies, and they do help, but sometimes it just gets too much at the moment. Like today at work when there was all this pressure and everyone was screaming and breathing down my neck. It's those moments when it just builds up. It's better now, but sometimes, eh....
I know what you mean sometimes we all just need to vent we all vent in our own ways

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I Have a Dark Side
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