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I Am a Loner

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Always Have Been, Always Will Be....... Ever thought about what it feels like to BE the one being bullied? Ever thought about how much it hurts? How much it can affect someone? You have a choice....either ruin the persons day even more so than it may have been ruined already, or, you can say something kind and uplifting. Just one smile, one caring word, can lift someones spirit, can make their day, even save someones life. Trust me, I've been there....the loner gets ganged up on, tossed around, beat up, and used....and alot of times, the ones left at the bottom of the pack, the ones who don't fight back, are the ones being bullied and abused at HOME too. In the COMFORT of their own home. How sad is that?! Try something different. Single one of 'those' kids out, invite them to your house or table at lunch, say a kind word or two, give them your best smile, show them some love<3 it can make a world of difference<3 trust me.... I am one of 'those' kids....
22-25, F
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Mar 20, 2013
I'm one of those kids too. People constantly pick on my because my dad is a sex offender and they accuse me like it's my fault it's not my fault he raped a girl. i dont even live with him or talk to him. i'm chubbier that most people im not really attractive and i have acne. im imperfect and i just wish someone would tell me everything will be alright. i wish i had someone to hug or make me smile. but i don't i wallow in self pitty everyday and it's truly pathetic.
xtearsofscarletx · 22-25, F
M-me is pathetic?:,(
Bullies think they are so tough, but they are not. Being mean to someone else is not strength; it's weakness. Anyone who would belittle or intimidate a vulnerable person is a low form of life. The kids who mistreated you are the scum of the earth. There's no excuse for their behavior.
It is a breath of fresh air when someone says something kind or encouraging. It's so rare. You're correct that it can make a big difference and maybe even save someone's life. The best gift you can give someone is to help them see their unique potential.
I'm sorry that you're also mistreated at home. It must be terrible if there's nowhere you can go to escape or feel safe. I hope all this will not completely destroy you.
I know its hard - I have always been bullied too - but I know I am better than the bullies and I won't let them grind me down!
This is an amazing post I just wanted to thank you for posting it and wish more people would be so kind.
xtearsofscarletx · 22-25, F
You're welcome:)
i know what it is like to be bullied

add me

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I Am a Loner
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