I Like Being Alone But Hate Being Lonely
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Lonely A Lot

I do love my alone time, but sometimes I hate the quiet.... Sometimes I need the noise of the people around me...Sometimes I get to much alone time... During the day I basically have the house to myself... Everyone else is at work... They all get home within an hour of each other... But even when I sit with them I kind of out of the loop... I'm on disability so I don't work... They have their jobs to talk about... I'm kind of left out... Not much happens in my world.. I clean house and take care of my three dogs... That is my day everyday.... Then I hop on here or facebook... Besides sitting on the porch with my niece my days are pretty routine... Not much changes day to day...
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Moon362418-21, F
Im the type of person who likes to lock themselves in their room all day with no social contact just food and Netflix and people kinda forcing me
But at same time complain about being lonely 馃槀
SleepyPrincess41-45, F
[@1011710,Moon3624] You just get use to being on your own
Moon362418-21, F
[@331340,SleepyPrincess] if you love noise so much I can call you and yell for hours 馃お
Just kidding !
but I鈥檓 really sorry sweetheart , we all feel down every now and then because of routine despite of age..it鈥檚 normal

Maybe try finding some community groups you could join?
Or sitting in Public seeing people come and go even if you are on your own?
Try asking a neighbor or an old friend out?
Maybe start a new hobby? Anything new and interesting ! You will never know if you like something or not till you try it

And me and other ppl here are always free to chat!
SleepyPrincess41-45, F
[@1011710,Moon3624] Thank you馃挏
Maybe finding a hobby or something to learn to enjoy your time and feel more productive could be helpful.
SleepyPrincess41-45, F
[@536386,Gaiia] yeah I could try something new...
pleasingyouorme41-45, M
I feel for you, I know that feeling some. I live alone, work very odd swing shifts (useful when I work these shifts, but deeply know inside it perpetuates the feeling and the chances of being alone continued). I've been known as I love to read, but I am the quiet type often, and find being at home distracting to read (too many things I could tend to) I used to just go out to a pub to read a book. That became too routine after awhile and then the pandemic hit and the places I found becoming too routine became missed. I'd talk about work, with what family and friends I have, but my off time from work is escaping a job I don't always love.

I hope you find something. Like suggested before, maybe try a hobby or something?
SleepyPrincess41-45, F
[@1175131,pleasingyouorme] Thanks I will see about finding something new to try though I have no idea what that will be...
TBIman41-45, M
I can definitely relate. I live alone in a small one-bedroom apartment. At one time I had many friends on Facebook, then I made a startling discovery. Which was... that we all have been lied to about what the Earth actually is. I found a lot of evidence that the Earth we all live upon is most definitely [u]NOT[/u] a massive ball spinning in an infinite space vacuum. I'm still unsure of what the Earth is in reality, but I am 100% sure that it is most definitely [u]NOT[/u] what we were led to believe.

I am totally disabled due to a drug overdose that occurred on January 1, 1995. As a result, I can no longer speak or walk.

You sound like an open-minded person whom I would like to get to know. Maybe even exchange E-mail with one day. I'm not a newbee on SW, but I don't log in daily. Therefore I don't know much about it. I'd like to send you a friend request, but I don't know how. I will try, but if I am unsuccessful I would very much like it if you sent me one.

Take care SleepyPrincess
I'm on Disability as well and that's part of how I got in this state of loneliness, it's been one fucking hell of a slow moving 15 years.

Everyone else is complaining about being shut in during the pandemic and I'm like Oh Goddess I've become Hikkimori....
TBIman41-45, M
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] Okay...
[@1122410,TBIman] https://voca.ro/14ltijP62hcv
TBIman41-45, M
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] Thanks for the recording. COVID-19 is a complete HOAX.

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