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I Have a Strange Family

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My mom is really freaking odd...because it always seems that she has two personalities, one being her normal self and the other being the 'super librarian' persona. There's this 'not too loud' rule that she always seems to enforce indoors for some reason even though i'm the quietest person in the whole room, so much so that I don't even talk when eating, in fact it's like i'm invisible at times. I would understand if she only went with this rule for public places but inside one's own home? Are you kidding me? You cannot whisper too loud either according to her. Isn't whispering the opposite of loud though? How does that even work?

The woman has the volume on the television way up beyond the normal required level, she had outbursts with dad which turned into who can scream the loudest contests, she turns from a sweet woman to a menacing shrieking demon when she's upset (she gets upset over anything), she loudly talks to others about everything including me, has loud phone conversations, does that embarrassing thing people do with pets (you know when they give them cutesy wutesy names and talk to them like they're talking to a toddler?) and blasts new age music while she is doing an activity that is supposed to be peaceful (i.e yoga). If she has all these 'super librarian' powers why can't she just use them on the neighbors and their kids, or the dogs? They're a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, it's no wonder the cat gets scared.
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Mar 15, 2019
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I Have a Strange Family
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